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Although this house is a group of photos of the house turned out by the owner when he was nostalgic, it has many advantages in terms of color and soft decoration of furniture. First of all, this small house type chose a very warm pink in color matching. Because the space of the small house type is relatively small, choosing light colors for decoration can not only make it more warm, but also expand the sense of space in Chengdu. So what else should we pay attention to about small house decoration? After reading this set of small house decoration, it may give you more inspiration! House decoration: the decoration area is 51 square meters, with one room and one living room in an idyllic style

owner's Autobiography: after sorting out the computer, I saw the picture of the first nest and had thousands of thoughts ~ ~ ~ although it no longer belongs to me now, I still want to say that I still love you so much. It is not only a room, but also a place to carry our beautiful memories... Too many beautiful, too many memories. Send some photos of the cabin and miss it




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