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Ms. Qian: it's only half a year since my solid wood floor was paved, and some cracks have appeared in some parts. What's the matter? Is there any way to make up for it

answer: first of all, we should judge the cause of floor cracking. If there is a problem with the quality of the floor or a hidden danger left by improper construction, you can find a dealer to repair or compensate. If it is caused by your improper use or other reasons, you have to adjust your use method in time and repair and maintain it in time

as the saying goes, "three products, seven installations". In addition to its excellent quality, the solid wood floor should also be properly installed. If it is not moisture-proof when being laid, it will damage the brightness of the floor and affect its future use if it is accidentally wetted by water, or scrubbed with alkaline water and soapy water. If the floor close to the window is not isolated at ordinary times, it will also change color and crack after being exposed to the scorching sun. If the indoor air conditioning temperature is turned on too low or too high, it will also cause the floor to shrink or expand too violently, resulting in deformation and cracking. At present, it is winter. Many families use heating and heating equipment, and the indoor temperature rises, which has a great impact on the floor. The floor will shrink after losing water, and it is very easy to crack, warp and other conditions. At this time, the owner can appropriately increase the indoor humidity, which can effectively prevent the cracks of the floor from becoming too large

if the product and installation are OK, the later maintenance is very important. The maintenance of wooden floors must start from daily life, whether it is water stains, oil stains, fruit juice, coffee stains, which will have a certain impact on the floor, so it takes more time to clean and maintain. The solid wood floor needs to be waxed regularly and coated with a layer of wax on its surface. After the wax is cured, it can isolate air, moisture and dust. At the same time, it can play the role of anti-skid, anti-wear and anti-static, so as to better maintain the floor and prolong the service life of the floor




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