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In the decoration process, ceiling is an indispensable link, especially in the kitchen and bathroom space, ceiling construction is a very important part

in the decoration process, ceiling is an indispensable link, especially in the kitchen and bathroom space, ceiling construction is a very important part. Due to the influence of cooking fume in the kitchen, humidity and peculiar smell in the bathroom, this has always been the difficulty and focus of home decoration construction. Different from the ceiling in the living room and bedroom, which mainly undertakes the decorative effect, the ceiling in the kitchen and bathroom space generally has considerable functionality, and when the ceiling is completed, all problems will be "hidden". Therefore, if you choose the appropriate materials and correct construction technology in the decoration process, and pay attention to the details during the acceptance, you can reduce a lot of trouble for future life

the correct installation sequence can reduce vibration

the correct installation sequence of kitchen and bathroom ceiling can reduce unnecessary vibration. The correct installation sequence in the bathroom is to install Yuba and exhaust fan first, and then make the ceiling. Never install the exhaust fan or Yuba directly on the aluminum gusset plate with screws, and use expansion bolts to directly hang it on the top concrete; If the exhaust hose of the exhaust fan is relatively long (more than 1 meter), it is best to let the worker fix it on the top, otherwise, the exhaust pipe will vibrate when the exhaust fan is turned on. The fixing method is very simple, and you only need to use transparent tape to fix it

the correct sequence for the installation of kitchen ceiling should be to fix the hose of the range hood and the flue, select the location of the range hood at the other end, and buy the lamps used in the kitchen, but it is not necessary to install them first, then install the ceiling, and then install the lamps. It is best not to install large lamps directly on the ceiling

arrange the plate shape and color in order according to the construction drawing

when installing the keel, the keel direction should be determined according to the design direction of the ceiling measurement construction drawing. After determination, mark the keel distance line and drilling point on the roof, and drill with electric hammer. The drilling depth should not exceed 4 cm, so as to prevent damaging the embedded wire pipe in the wall. After the punching is ready, expand the matching inner expansion into the hole. According to the height of the corner, saw the galvanized copper wire, put it into the internal expansion, cut the keel according to the length of the room, and fix the keel on the copper wire with nuts. When laying the ceiling, the shape and color of the plate should also be arranged in order according to the measurement construction drawing. When arranging the plate, the gusset plate should be tight and seamless with the corners, and the control line hole should be marked

when transporting and stacking, the plates should be leveled and placed.

when purchasing the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, the aluminum gusset plate, plastic steel plate or integrated ceiling and the supporting keel and accessories should meet the product quality requirements, and it is necessary to check whether there is bending deformation. In the process of transportation and stacking, the plates should be laid flat, not under pressure, and avoid the erosion of high temperature and harmful substances. The keel should be flat during installation, and the spacing deviation should be controlled within the allowable range. During installation, if there is a deviation in size, it should be adjusted first and then inserted in sequence. It is not allowed to insert hard to prevent deformation

the ceiling where pipelines are laid should be equipped with manholes

the concealed ceiling must be equipped with manholes. Many people generally do not set manholes in the kitchen and bathroom ceiling in home decoration, which affects the appearance. However, once the pipeline equipment in the ceiling fails, it is impossible to check and determine what part, what reason, and even more impossible to repair. Therefore, it is better to set manholes for the ceiling where pipelines are laid, and they can choose to choose the parts that are relatively hidden and easy to check, The manhole shall be artistically treated, for example, in combination with lamps or decorations




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