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Chongqing wooden door manufacturer Kaixin wooden door introduced that in family decoration, the facade is very important to build a perfect home environment, so it is very important to choose a good quality, beautiful and cost-effective wooden door

there are also many tricks in purchasing wooden doors. Here are the tips for purchasing wooden doors, as well as the precautions for purchasing wooden doors, and how to mix them to make them more harmonious and beautiful

when choosing wooden doors, pay attention to 7 keys

top of the list, personality. The inner door is the dignity of the whole home environment, which is consistent with the personality of the whole home design, and is the basis for selecting the inner door

second, door panel and door pocket. Some consumers think that the thicker the better, in fact, it is wrong. The solid wood composite door adopts natural solid wood, and its weight is light, which can reach 50% of the weight of the standard pure solid wood door

third, door core plate. In the solid wood grid keel, filled with corrugated paper, layout filled with poly foam, bridge hole mechanical board, etc., the induction of bridge hole mechanical board is the best

fourth, hardware. Small details such as locks and hinges will also directly affect the comfort of the inner door

fifth, special sealing strip for inner door. Only a few big brands in China provide special sealing strips for interior doors

sixth, use glue. See if you choose the special swelling glue for doors and windows

seventh, after-sales service. Small brands usually have no warranty and after-sales service. All interior doors of brands are guaranteed for more than one year, and hardware parts are guaranteed for half a year

Chongqing wooden door manufacturers also suggest that the purchase of wooden doors should pay attention to three key points

the top is quality. In order to ensure that the wooden doors do not deform after use, it is necessary to select the solid wood keel materials that have been strictly dried. The internal filling materials have a reasonable layout and conform to the principle of mechanical stress offset, so as to ensure that under the influence of the surrounding environment and climate, the appearance deformation is within the range of rules. The state has three specifications for the appearance target: high-grade, medium-grade and normal grade. Good quality wooden doors should be shaped by hot pressing technology, with flat appearance, beautiful shape and clear and beautiful wood grain

the second is the quotation. Because it involves the elements that affect the quotation in terms of data, paint, labor, processing technology, company profits and so on, the quotation of wooden doors in the market is also widely different. Because the processing technology content of wooden doors is not very high, there must be a mixture of good and bad quality. Usually, the competition can only be based on data, production technology and services. Therefore, the quality of wooden doors of large manufacturers that are usually standardized is still guaranteed

third, we are most concerned about the wooden door service, because many construction processes can only be carried out after the wooden door set is completed, whether the manufacturer supplies in time, whether the quality of the device is qualified, how strong, and whether the appearance function of the goods is satisfied are all questions of demand thinking, so we must make an excellent inquiry about the inductive service of the manufacturer when selecting wooden doors

choose the color allocation of wooden doors

because wooden doors belong to the functional ornaments of the facade of the room. Generally speaking, wooden doors have a large correlation with furniture, wall paint and window cover dumb mouth in the home. The correlation with the floor is relatively small

when the living room environment is in warm colors, you can choose a warmer color system relative to the wooden door, such as: bigot wood door, cherry wood door, teak wood door, Shabili wood door, etc. When the living environment is in cold colors, it is relatively possible to choose a lighter wooden door, such as oil mixed white, birch, etc

the wooden door is probably close to the color of furniture, and the blind mouth of the window cover should be consistent as much as possible (many of today's set wooden doors are equipped with matching blind mouth of the window cover, skirting board and corner bead), and there should be a corresponding contrast with the color of the wall

the harmony between the color on the ground and the wooden door should adhere to the same color. Avoid chaos on the ground and the wall, weaken the room with a large sense of space or a sunny room, and be able to choose a darker black walnut door, which can create a more calm atmosphere. The color itself is beautiful, and there is nothing wrong with it. It's all about blending and harmony. If you're really uncertain, choose white wooden doors. White is the color that's not easy to make mistakes





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