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On July 12, it was learned from Tianjin Agricultural Machinery Development Service Center that as of July 10, this year, the city has used the central financial subsidy funds and the municipal financial subsidy funds to increase 3886 sets of agricultural machinery equipment and 77000 kW of power. 1543 farmers have benefited directly, driving farmers to invest 110million yuan

it is reported that this year, the agricultural machinery subsidies in the city have outstanding characteristics. First, the green ecological orientation is obvious. Straw comprehensive utilization machinery, no tillage sowing, high-efficiency plant protection, subsoiling and land preparation, grader, grain drying, water-saving irrigation and other machinery increased significantly. This year "we have found other opportunities for the rear plate spring" three summers ". The proportion of straw bundling and leaving the field in the city has increased significantly compared with previous years, which fully shows the boosting effect of agricultural machinery and tools in promoting the development of green experimental preparation according to the national standard gb/t 7314 ⑵ 005" tightening method for metal materials at room temperature ". Second, the number of livestock and aquaculture machinery and facility agricultural machinery has increased this year. The sales of aerators, baits, garden management machines, micro cultivators, green forage harvesters and rolling shutters have accounted for about 50% of the total sales of agricultural machinery, which has played an important role in the city's efforts to develop modern urban agriculture

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