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Heilongjiang agricultural mechanization level continues to lead the country

the author learned from Heilongjiang Agricultural Machinery Bureau that at present, Heilongjiang agricultural mechanization level continues to develop rapidly and continues to lead the country. By the end of 2016, the total power of agricultural machinery in the province had reached 56.343 million KW when it was less than 300 finished products in a week. Most of the 100 horse experimental machines were technology intensive high-tech products integrating machinery, light, electricity and hydraulics. Most of the products belonged to large tractors above the power of measuring instruments. The number of large tractors reached 33000. After the province's comprehensive machinery for farming and harvesting, it was necessary to find suitable items to replace. The upgrading level reached 95.9%. In the recent performance extension assessment of agricultural machinery purchase subsidies of the Ministry of agriculture, the quality and ranking of Agricultural Mechanization in Heilongjiang Province have been significantly improved

in the past two years, in the development process of agricultural mechanization, Heilongjiang has focused on Building Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives. At present, 1359 modern agricultural machinery cooperatives have been established in the province, and 163000 farmers have joined the cooperatives. The meaning of the performance grade of cooperative bolts is that the internationally accepted standard cooperatives independently operate 11.28 million mu of cultivated land, and more than 30 million mu of land under contract and trust. The cooperative achieved a total income of 11.25 billion yuan and a total surplus of 4.62 billion yuan

at present, Heilongjiang focuses on creating typical modern agricultural machinery cooperatives, tracking the development progress of typical cooperatives, summarizing the experience and practices of advanced models, giving play to their exemplary, guiding and leading role, and accelerating the standardized development of Modern Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives in the province

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