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The demand for agricultural machinery services is strong, and the market scale is expected to further expand. Yesterday, China Development Bank signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Fujian San'an group, which will explore diversified cooperation modes, support the latter to accelerate the pace of "going global", layout the global sales network of key industries, and rank among the world's top, so as to achieve mutual benefit, win-win results and common development

witnessed by Caidong, vice president of China Development Bank, and Lujiang, vice mayor of Xiamen, yangaiwu, President of CDB Xiamen Branch, and linxiucheng, chairman of Fujian San'an Group signed the development financial cooperation agreement. According to the agreement, both parties will The group borrows and returns jc/t907 ⑵ 002 concrete interface treatment agent in a more in-depth manner "This test result surprised all the experts present. At the same time, CDB will fully support its key fields such as LED chips and integrated circuits with medium and long-term loans, special construction funds and industrial funds to accelerate overseas mergers and acquisitions and capacity expansion. The financing amount of the steel bar bending experimental machine is 30billion yuan.

coordinate and solve key and difficult problems. It is reported that CDB has cooperated with Fujian San'an group as early as 2012 In the past four years, it has achieved full coverage of the "investment, loan, debt, lease and certificate" business of San'an group, and has become the main financing bank of the group

in addition to providing large-scale financing credit, CDB guided the national integrated circuit industry fund to invest RMB 6.4 billion in San'an optoelectronics last year. This year, it promoted San'an group to establish an industrial investment fund of RMB 50billion with Quanzhou Municipal government, signed a cooperation agreement with Jinguang group, the largest consortium in Indonesia, and became one of its LED product suppliers

according to the relevant personage of CDB Xiamen Branch, as a private leading enterprise integrating optoelectronics, integrated circuits and bulk trade, with the full support of CDB, the total assets of San'an group increased by 137% from 19.5 billion yuan at the beginning of cooperation in 2012 to 46.4 billion yuan at the end of September 2016; The market value of San'an optoelectronics increased from 20billion to 51.2 billion, an increase of 156%

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