The hottest agricultural machinery market in 2017

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In 2017, the number of dryers in the agricultural machinery market rose significantly

Abstract: in the first half of the year, the machinery industry showed an obvious trend of improvement, the growth rate of major economic indicators exceeded expectations, the main business income was 12.51 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.6% year-on-year, and the total profit was 857.6 billion yuan, an increase of 14.69% year-on-year. In the first half of this year, the whole machinery industry improved, and the main business income of agricultural machinery, internal combustion engine, engineering machinery, instrumentation and other industries achieved double-digit growth

the China Machinery Industry Federation recently released the operation of the machinery industry in the first half of the year. It showed that the industry showed an obvious positive trend in the first half of the year. The growth rate of major economic indicators exceeded expectations, achieving a main business income of 12.51 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.6% year-on-year, and a total profit of 857.6 billion yuan, an increase of 14.69% year-on-year

in the data interpretation, it is pointed out that, unlike last year, which was mainly driven by the automobile, electrical and electrical appliances industries, the machinery industry in the first half of this year was better, and the main business income of agricultural machinery, internal combustion engine, engineering machinery, instrumentation and other industries achieved double-digit growth. Among the new profits of the whole industry, other industries except automobile, electrical engineering and electrical appliances accounted for 53.52%, a significant increase of 39.16 percentage points over the previous year. According to the data, agricultural machinery, as one of the best industries in the machinery industry, its main business grew by more than 10% and its profit grew by more than 8%

I wonder how the agricultural machinery industry practitioners in the front line of the market feel when they see this data? In the first half of this year, I visited the Northeast market, Inner Mongolia market, Shandong market, Hebei market, Xinjiang market and other major agricultural machinery markets in China. According to the results, the agricultural machinery market was not optimistic when I participated in the lithium industry in America in 2017, and it was very not optimistic! Tractor, wheel harvester, corn harvester and other main agricultural machinery markets have experienced a precipitous decline in accordance with the common measurement Law of the people's Republic of China and the measures for the supervision and administration of licenses for manufacturing and repairing measuring instruments

in order to get more real feedback on the agricultural machinery market in 2017, the Agricultural Machinery General Station conducted a questionnaire survey on the front-line market researchers of a number of foreign-funded and domestic mainstream agricultural machinery enterprises, hoping to get a real market status of the agricultural machinery industry in 2017

the overall agricultural machinery market declined seriously in 2017, especially for dry land products.

several market personnel surveyed by the agricultural machinery website said that the domestic agricultural machinery market declined seriously in 2017, among which the dry land agricultural machinery products represented by tractors, wheat harvesters and corn harvesters were the most serious. Niujiatong, a specially invited commentator of the agricultural machinery communication station, said that the market sales of tractors and combine harvesters were conservatively estimated to have declined by about 35%. The decline in dry land in the North was more severe than that in the south. The main reason was that the planting area of corn in the north had decreased by 40million mu in two years. In addition, there were many economic crops in the South and the demand was scattered, so the decline was relatively low

one of the marketing managers from industry giants said that in 2017, the overall domestic agricultural machinery market declined significantly, including the steep decline in the tractor market and the decline in the wheat machinery market of more than 40%. In addition to the hot pre-sales of sporadic manufacturers, the overall market will still decline by more than 30%

the corn machine and wheat machine markets all collapsed

in the survey, "which market segment do you think is the most serious in the context of the overall decline of the domestic agricultural machinery market?" When asked this question, all participants in the research chose the corn harvester market. According to the market situation of corn harvesters learned by niujiatong, except for Lovol, yongmeng, Boyuan and other large enterprises, other corn harvester enterprises rarely scheduled production in the first half of 2017, and other enterprises only sold less than 1000 sets at most. The main reasons for the collapse of the corn harvester industry are as follows:

first, the planting area of 40million mu in sickle bend area was reduced, and the planting area of corn decreased significantly, As a result, the demand for corn harvesters decreased significantly

second, the corn harvester has been saturated on a large scale, especially in 2016, the demand for the processing country 2 corn harvester was overdrawn

third, the corn harvester has not formed a nationwide cross regional operation market, with low utilization rate, low income and slow updating speed

fourth, the price of corn decreased, and the purchasing power of users decreased

in addition to the corn harvester market, the wheat harvester also collapsed in 2017. In June every year, the wheat harvester enters the closing battle. According to the feedback of several researchers, dealers in many regions only sold a few wheeled grain harvesters in the first half of the year, which is a miserable market

the main reason for the sharp decline in the wheat harvester market is that the market is saturated and the rigid demand is insufficient. The wheat harvester market is the most mature market among the three major grain crop harvesters in China. The market demand is saturated, the income of consumers' cross regional operations is gradually decreasing, and the price of wheat is declining. The combined effect of multiple factors directly affects consumers' purchasing power and willingness to buy, which has become an important factor to pull down the market

as Luo Donglai said, the market is equal to demand + purchase desire + purchasing power. At present, the three factors of domestic corn machine market and wheat machine market have been greatly affected, which naturally leads to a sharp decline in the market

the dryer Market has become a dark horse rising significantly

although the domestic agricultural machinery market declined as a whole in 2017, some dark horse markets in subdivided fields have emerged. According to the analysis of niujiatong, the sales of domestic dryers and rice transplanters were good in 2017, because dryers are renewable rubber intermediates produced by microbial fermentation through market cultivation: isoprene 2 has entered a period of rapid growth, and this year is an inertia impulse; The rice transplanter mainly increases the rice planting area by "changing rice to rice" in Northeast China, which drives the sales of rice transplanter

a marketing manager participating in the survey also said that the dryer Market was the main dark horse market in 2017. The main reason is the opportunity for intensive grain processing brought about by land transfer. At the same time, due to the low threshold of circular batch dryers, they are easy to copy, and there are many enterprises settled in, resulting in low product prices, as well as the superimposed subsidies of many local policies, which have greatly increased the purchasing power of users

in addition, the whole process mechanization of vegetables and orchards also began to increase this year, mainly because of large-scale planting and some companies' market cultivation and introduction of some applicable products in recent years. It is still in the market cultivation period, but the situation is good

from the above research, it is not difficult to see that in 2017, except for a few dark horse fields, the agricultural machinery products that used to occupy the mainstream of the market were generally experiencing a cliff like decline, which also means that most agricultural machinery enterprises are experiencing severe tests from the market

most researchers believe that foreign-funded enterprises such as John Deere and Kubota are able to cope with the decline of the domestic market by virtue of their rich experience. Through the conversion of marketing methods and reliable product quality, they are less impacted by the market, and even the market has risen. This is the experience that our domestic agricultural machinery enterprises need to learn. Only by standing firm under the impact of the cold winter of the market can we usher in the vigorous growth of the market in the spring

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