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The agricultural machinery homogenization era calls for "power shift" transformation and upgrading

the agricultural machinery homogenization era calls for "power shift" transformation and upgrading

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the exhibition area is 200000 square meters, more than 1800 exhibitors and 130000 Chinese and foreign visitors... 2014 Wuhan China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition has reached a new high in terms of exhibition scale, number of exhibitors, degree of internationalization and influence, It highlights the style of the largest agricultural exhibition in Asia. However, what is hidden behind the bright data is the current situation of serious product homogeneity and insufficient innovation in China's agricultural machinery industry

in the tractor exhibition area of Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, it can be said that the motherland is "red" all over the world. Looking around, the products exhibited by hundreds of domestic tractor manufacturers are the same except for some differences in color. The production and testing machines of many enterprises are almost the same in terms of appearance, interior decoration, performance and configuration. Even the suppliers of parts are completely the same. At first glance, they can not distinguish each other. The seemingly bustling exhibition area can not hide the embarrassing essence of "you have, I have, and everyone has" in China's agricultural machinery market. As a visitor said, "tractor exhibition areas are easy to make people 'aesthetic fatigue'. Just look at twoorthree of them, and the rest are similar."

the homogenization is accompanied by low-end products and disorderly competition. This is a sad reality: as the second largest agricultural equipment manufacturer in the world, China has nearly 10000 agricultural machinery enterprises, including more than 1800 Enterprises above designated size. However, the total industrial output value of Agricultural Machinery Enterprises above designated size is only equivalent to the total output value of John Deere. However, there are less than 200 enterprises with research capability, accounting for only 10% of the scale enterprises. As a result, agricultural machinery products are difficult to meet the differentiated needs of consumers due to lack of personalization, low technical content and serious homogenization. Domestic agricultural machinery enterprises take price competition as the main means to participate in market competition, while the high-end agricultural machinery market is almost monopolized by international agricultural machinery giants

there is only one way to get rid of this homogeneous, low-end and disorderly competition situation: accelerating the transformation and upgrading of products. For the tractor manufacturing industry divided by the original cross-sectional area of the parallel part, it is undoubtedly the only choice to vigorously develop power shift tractors with an inner diameter less than 0mm. At this agricultural exhibition, power shift tractors are still the focus of attention, which fully illustrates this point

for China Yituo, it is particularly important to accelerate the commercialization of power shift tractors and realize product transformation and upgrading. For this reason, at the third quarter Party committee central group (expanded) meeting held by China Yituo in August, zhaoshanshui, chairman of China Yituo, clearly put forward that "accelerating the commercialization process of power shift tractors and realizing product transformation and upgrading" is not a question of whether to do it, but to do it in a big, real and fast way

how to achieve the big, real and fast work of Dongfanghong power shift project? The first is the unity of thought and understanding. As Wang Erlong, Secretary of the Party committee of the first tractor group of China, stressed at the meeting of the central group of the Party committee (enlarged), it is not a technical problem or a financial problem. Fo - the lower limit frequency (Hz) is mainly a ideological problem. We must unify our thinking and make ideological preparations for the next step. The power shift project must be unswervingly promoted with a plan, strategy, steps and highlights

the idea has been clear and the direction has been clear. The promotion of Dongfanghong power shift project has become the key to whether China Yituo can take the lead in the new round of optimization and upgrading of the agricultural machinery industry

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