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Agricultural machinery and equipment: maintain 10% in the next five years.

agricultural machinery and equipment: maintain 10%-15% growth in the next five years.

China Construction Machinery Information

. Document No. 1 of 2015 focuses on agricultural modernization, and national leaders have repeatedly emphasized agricultural modernization

agricultural industrialization has become an important starting point to solve the dilemma of domestic agricultural development. The form of land ownership in China has become a major obstacle to agricultural industrialization. Most domestic agricultural production still stays in the traditional production mode of small-scale manual planting, and the production efficiency is low. The promotion of land transfer will gradually break the traditional mode of agricultural family planting, which can effectively tilt resources to agriculture and rural areas, and lay a foundation for the realization of agricultural industrialization and industrialization. At the same time, it has also brought several major changes to the agricultural machinery industry, namely, the increase of mechanization rate, the change of agricultural machinery structure (large-scale and characteristic agricultural machinery), the acceleration of agricultural finance and agricultural informatization, etc

the reason why the agricultural machinery industry is favored is mainly because the level of Agricultural Mechanization in China is low and the development is uneven. In terms of agricultural machinery, in 2014, the development among regions in China was extremely uneven. Only 9 provinces in China had a mechanization level of more than 70%, and 4 provinces had a mechanization level of less than 40%. Guizhou non asphalt composite tire flexible waterproof coiled material jc/t690 ⑵ 008 to 20%. There is still a huge space for the promotion of agricultural machinery in China

zhongkaifeng, an analyst of the agricultural machinery industry of Guojin securities, pointed out that agricultural modernization has given birth to agricultural mechanization. He is optimistic that the industry that has provided complete sets of testing equipment for many enterprises applying for production licenses will still maintain a compound growth of 10%-15% in the next five years, and there is still room for doubling in the medium and long term. Moreover, with the transformation of the agricultural machinery industry to full-scale, large-scale and intelligent, Companies with technological advantages are expected to further enhance their concentration

Northeast Securities suggests that agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises with strong R & D strength and opportunities to expand product categories through internal extension and extension will stand out in future development. It is suggested to focus on: Xingguang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., Longxin General Motors Co., Ltd., Yituo Co., Ltd., Xinyan Co., Ltd., Zongshen power, etc

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