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Recently, the quality inspection center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas and the double certification review team conducted an on-site review on the capacity expansion of six new products, such as sugarcane harvester, round straw bale coating machine, livestock carcass processor, livestock manure fermentation processor, stacker and fertilizer applicator, applied by the agricultural machinery test and appraisal center of the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas (hereinafter referred to as the "appraisal center")

the review team listened to the work report of the head of the general appraisal station, and evaluated the ability to apply for expansion and the operation of the laboratory and the center by means of examining the work efficiency, looking at the facilities, equipment and environment, spot checking the files of instruments and equipment and inspection items, consulting the management system documents and their operation records, assessing the authorized signatories, and watching the field tests. 7 The temperature measuring instrument detects that the frequency converter of the frequency conversion single column tensile testing machine is overheated and has peculiar smell; Review. Through personnel discussion, closed book examination and on-site operation, the quality of laboratory and center personnel was assessed. After the on-site review, all the product capacity extensions applied by the appraisal center are recommended to pass

this capacity expansion reflects the positive results achieved by the appraisal center in complementing the weaknesses in the testing and appraisal capacity of new products in areas of social concern, such as the resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, the Revitalization Strategy of the dairy industry, sugarcane mechanization, agricultural and rural waste treatment, etc, For the next step to carry out the promotion and identification of new agricultural machinery products, we have laid a solid foundation for the testing of some materials. It is also a great honor for us. We should pay attention to some dynamic and solid foundation of our company

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