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The agricultural machinery market is facing a new level of business competition

at present, China's agricultural machinery industry transformation and product upgrading are progressing steadily, and the agricultural machinery market is undergoing phased in-depth adjustment, and is building a new competitive business. The agricultural machinery industry has entered a critical period of upgrading and reshuffling. The survival of the fittest has accelerated, and value transmission has become the main factor in the competition

remarkable achievements in industrial transformation

China's agricultural machinery industry has achieved remarkable development and is one of the most competitive industries in the world. As a whole, it shows a trend of structural optimization, quality improvement and development upgrading, and is in a critical period of innovation driven and coordinated development of host and component enterprises

(I) orderly promotion of industrial transformation

at present, China is able to produce more than 3500 kinds of agricultural machines and tools, which can basically meet the equipment needs of the whole process mechanization of agriculture in China. In 2017, the main business income of 2429 Enterprises above Designated Size in the agricultural machinery industry reached 429.135 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.15%; The company realized a profit of 24.312 billion yuan, an increase of 8.10%. The profit increase was higher than the income increase, realizing the automation and intelligent production of the tire industry. The industrial structure has been continuously optimized. Traditional host agricultural machinery enterprises have extended the industrial chain, entered the field of agricultural machinery and began to form a series of industrial patterns of farming, management and collection. Major agricultural machinery enterprises continue to expand their industries. On the one hand, they gradually develop into large and medium-sized tractors, harvesting machinery and other industrial fields; On the other hand, it extends to the series of industrial fields such as planting machinery, plant protection machinery and land preparation, and the industrial structure and development capacity are further enhanced. The R & D capability of domestic parts enterprises has been continuously improved, and the product quality has been greatly improved. They have entered the stage of collaborative development with host machines, and continue to provide new technologies to promote the development of domestic medium and high-end agricultural machinery

(II) accelerating the pace of quality improvement

the agricultural machinery industry has entered a period of quality oriented and innovative development. The R & D and manufacturing capacity of agricultural machinery enterprises has been continuously improved, and the quality development of agricultural machinery industry has been accelerating. China's three series of products are becoming more and more perfect, the pace of industrial upgrading is obvious, and the whole has entered a new stage of development. Agricultural machinery and agronomy have been deeply integrated, the development of intelligent products has been further promoted, and regional and personalized ergonomics and reliability have been steadily improved. Substantial breakthroughs have been made in the research and development of continuously variable speed tractors. The market share of medium and high-end products such as power shift Series tractors and longitudinal axial flow series harvesters has been continuously increased, and exports have begun to be realized. The quality control ability of major domestic agricultural machinery products has been significantly improved, the gap between MTBF value (mean time between failures) and foreign similar advanced products has been continuously narrowed, and some products have achieved counter trend development. In 2017, 1428 projects were put into operation, which promoted the upgrading of equipment manufacturing capacity from the supply side and comprehensively promoted the transformation of the development quality of agricultural machinery industry

(III) value transfer supply and demand coordination

the ability of agricultural machinery enterprises to find, create and meet demands has been significantly improved, and value transfer has become the core element of development. First, take the initiative to implement end-to-end competition and implement business model management. On the basis of ensuring the development interests of dealers, agricultural machinery enterprises have lowered their channel hunting ability and improved their ability to integrate into terminals, find opportunities and meet terminals. Second, strengthen customer relationship management. Carry out big data construction and management, increase research on policy opportunities, and timely detect development opportunities. Go deep into the fields, carry out multi-dimensional and hierarchical customer relationship construction with high-performance customers and key customers such as family farms, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, large grain growers and large agricultural machinery manufacturers, and implement high-density communication, liaison and promotion; Carry out product display, on-site experience, operation visit, etc. to convey the corporate image and product value. Third, strengthen channel construction. Optimize the channel layout, accelerate the dimensional and hierarchical maintenance and management of franchised stores, franchised stores and flagship stores, establish a brand image, and develop from selling products to building a brand pattern

the pressure of phased adjustment still exists

China's agricultural machinery industry is in a critical period of industrial upgrading, phased adjustment and comprehensive breakthrough, facing the challenges of multiple difficulties and the intersection of risks and hidden dangers. To cope with market pressure, overcome development difficulties and realize innovation driven, we still need to focus on breakthroughs and all-round development

(I) the overall downward pressure on the market remains.

the agricultural machinery market has been in a period of rational development, and flexible demand has become a trend. In 2018, the agricultural machinery market will continue to be in a phased adjustment trend, with some leading products showing a pattern of power growth and sales adjustment. First, the national subsidy policy was adjusted. It is estimated that the funds allocated for agricultural machinery purchase subsidies in 2018 are basically close to the same year-on-year level. In 2018, there were 20 items and 200 grades of general-purpose machines and tools in China, a decrease of 3 items and 32 grades compared with 23 items and 232 grades in 2016. The subsidy amount for a single set of most 4WD large wheel trailers with more than 7kg/s and more than 110 horsepower will be reduced. As the models adjusted by the subsidy policy are basically the main sales models, the market of large and medium-sized tractors and their supporting agricultural machinery, wheat harvesters and other leading agricultural machinery products in 2018 does not rule out the expectation of phased adjustment. Second, weak demand and sufficient supply. The phenomenon that the output of leading agricultural machinery products exceeds the demand has basically not changed, and the supporting agricultural machinery and tools are still in a regional industrial pattern. According to the statistics, there are nearly 180 harvesting machinery enterprises and 160 large and medium-sized tractor enterprises in China participating in the market competition, and the production and marketing capacity is inverted. Affected by the large quantity of stock, early digestion of inventory and promotion factors, some markets have been overdrawn in 2018. Third, users have a strong wait-and-see color. With the implementation of national three product switching, tractor power shift and vertical axial flow technology upgrading of harvester, users have a wait-and-see attitude towards product quality and service capacity, which restricts some demands

(II) rising user purchase costs

the imbalance between supply and demand will become the norm. Users are faced with the double contradiction of reduced revenue and increased purchase cost. In the short term, agricultural machinery enterprises and dealers deal with inventory, product homogenization competition and other phenomena, resulting in price promotion. Due to the rising cost of products, the price of agricultural machinery will continue to rise in the long run. Since 2017, the agricultural machinery manufacturing has been affected by environmental protection and pollution control, resulting in the increase in the price of castings and forgings with limited production, the increase in the manufacturing cost of diesel engines in the third country, the increase in logistics costs and other factors, and the manufacturing cost of agricultural machinery products has increased. The supply of medium and high-end products is insufficient, and the overcapacity of low-end products is serious. In some regions, the market demand for models is saturated, and the operating income of operating users continues to decline. The prices of major food crops such as corn and wheat are hovering at a low level, the transformation of planting patterns of users in some regions is still being explored, and the reduction of planting income has reduced the enthusiasm and purchasing power of users

(III) the traditional development model is under pressure

facing the requirements of new strategic objectives, business models and development tasks, the traditional development model is facing new challenges. First, the development capacity is limited. The agricultural machinery industry has prominent structural problems, insufficient supply of medium and high-end products, and serious overcapacity of low-end products. In 2017, the operating profit margin of the agricultural machinery industry decreased by 0.37% year-on-year, and the loss making enterprises reached 8.9%. Some enterprises had difficulties in operation and could not continue to increase their R & D and manufacturing capacity. Second, the price war is prominent. Agricultural machinery enterprises and dealers have implemented a high-density price war to improve sales, and the market competition is fierce. Users in some regions are used to the credit sales mode and the balance purchase mode. Dealers have no choice but to change the traditional cash sales mode to implement credit sales, which increases the potential profitability and business risks. Third, the lack of industrial innovation. Due to the lack of R & D and manufacturing investment in high-end industries, most host enterprises are still unable to form a pattern of synchronous R & D and collaborative manufacturing with component enterprises, and the main R & D and manufacturing resources are still in the middle and low-end products. Domestic key high-end components, such as hydraulic drive components, power shift gearbox, electric control hydraulic lifter, large angle front axle, and electric control system, lack of breakthrough, which restricts the innovation and development of the whole machine

innovation driven to achieve high-quality development

achieving high-quality development is an inevitable requirement for agricultural machinery enterprises to achieve their strategic goals. Accurately grasp the new situation, new needs and new tasks facing innovative development, speed up the construction of an innovative development model in line with competition, and effectively transfer the demand power of sustainable development to system innovation

(I) comprehensively promote the construction of marketing system

China's agricultural machinery industry has entered a breakthrough stage of quality and efficiency intensive growth, and the market demand structure has shifted from an incremental market to a stage of adjusting stock and improving quality. This is the inevitable reflection of the phased characteristics of China's agricultural machinery market. To realize self-development, the primary task is to strengthen the construction of marketing system according to market demand. First, platform creation. Create a competitive P-M marketing model and high-performance marketing system, undertake and promote development strategies. Allocate resources and improve capacity according to the market, so as to achieve orderly division, cohesion and platform promotion. According to the market trend, actively innovate competitive marketing operation mode and high-performance marketing system, establish an expert organization dominated by order acquisition, product delivery and customer management, and build a visual operation management platform. Second, 19. test bench safety device: electronic limit protection management innovation. Based on the functions of marketing strategy, strategy, operation, execution and performance management, and focusing on the comprehensive upgrading of marketing elements from product competition to a full set of competition schemes, price competition to value competition, terminal channel to terminal channel competition, and stage promotion to system value transmission, management reengineering is carried out from the aspects of marketing concept, marketing means and methods, marketing strategy, marketing organization, etc. Third, business process innovation. Establish and improve the full dimensional management process of marketing, connect the market chain, R & D chain, product chain and supply chain, and establish an end-to-end business process reconstruction that matches the competitive marketing model and high-performance marketing system

(II) effectively improve competitiveness

at present, China's agricultural machinery industry faces prominent contradictions and problems. Although there are cyclical and total factors, the root cause is a major structural imbalance. First, actively promote value transmission. Enterprises with the same values build strategic alliances to continuously output value for users and win the initiative in competition. Build a long-term development mechanism for agricultural machinery enterprises and dealers, gradually realize the business competition, and continuously improve the market share. Establish two-level experience marketing organizations of enterprises and dealers, carry out experience marketing activities at different levels by relying on manufacturing bases, brand stores, agricultural machinery demonstration parks, etc., and have in-depth communication with key and potential trapezoidal screw gaps to maximize customer value. Build an "Internet +" operation platform, and realize the comprehensive docking and rapid development of networking marketing channel resources with the help of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IOT and e-commerce. Second, replace price competition with value guidance, gain insight into user needs and preferences, and comprehensively strengthen customer management, product experience, and value channels. We will increase the management of key customers such as terminal agricultural industrialization organizations, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives and family farms, strengthen two-way construction and strengthen cooperative relations. Third, strengthen the construction of marketing team. Strengthen the training and introduction of talents in marketing core technology, key support and weak links. Synchronize with market competition, customer management, information management and service support, and improve the team's ability to fulfill objectives. Strengthen performance management, reuse excellent marketing personnel, promote channel development and control, and strive to increase channel sales

(III) actively innovating the development mode

agricultural machinery enterprises are difficult to control the length of development, and can fully control the density of growth

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