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The agricultural machinery market is gloomy. Why does the dryer rise against the trend and become a dominant player

after a golden decade of rapid development, the agricultural machinery industry has slowed down since 2015. Since this year, the agricultural machinery market has been even more gloomy. According to the statistics of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size by the National Bureau of statistics, the sales of traditional agricultural machinery products continued to decline in January this year. Compared with the same period of last year, large tractors decreased by 18.25%, medium tractors by 8.03%, small tractors by 8.37%, grain harvesters by 4.51% and corn harvesters by 1.68%

however, it is surprising that in the sound of 7000 tons of new product orders, the drying machinery broke through the encirclement and suddenly emerged. According to the China Agricultural machinery circulation association, as of the end of June this year, 9860 sets of various dryers had been sold in the national agricultural machinery market, an increase of 37.33% year-on-year. Zhanghuaguang, Deputy Secretary General of China Agricultural machinery circulation association, said that the hot situation of dryer Market has actually lasted for several years. In 2010, the number of grain and cash crop dryers in China was only 1500, but by the end of last year, it had soared to 18700, an increase of 12 times in seven years. In terms of growth rate, it has maintained a double-digit growth rate for seven consecutive years, of which the growth rate was as high as 104.35% in 2012 and about 80% in 2015 and 2016

why does the dryer rise against the trend and outshine others? According to the analysis of Professor maohuaizhi of China Agricultural University, there are only two types of experimental machines: long movement direction (or force direction), which benefit from large rigid demand, good policy guidance, excellent market environment and strong product pull. He introduced that China's annual grain output is about 600million tons, and the post harvest loss rate is estimated to be 7%-11%, most of which is caused by climate. In many parts of our country, the moisture content of crops is high during harvest, and after harvest, we often encounter wet and rainy weather, so the crops can not be dried in time or without conditions, resulting in a large number of moldy grains or lower quality grades. Grain drying has gradually formed a strong market demand, which is the fundamental reason for the popularity of dryers in recent years; At the same time, the state has raised the reduction of postpartum grain losses to the height of the national food security strategy. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, all the central "No. 1 documents" have included grain drying, collection, storage and processing into the annual work focus. Why. Most major grain producing provinces, cities and districts have listed grain drying products as the focus of subsidies in their annual purchase subsidy implementation plans, and implemented preferential subsidies and open subsidies. The policy guidance and support have boosted the prosperity of the dryer Market; With the acceleration of rural land transfer and the continuous improvement of agricultural scale and intensive management level, the traditional manual drying and storage mode of grain will inevitably change, resulting in a strong market demand for grain dryers; In recent years, the rapid development of dryer industry and the improvement of product technology, quality and brand have laid a foundation for the rapid growth of dryer product market. By the end of 2016, there had been more than 300 dryer manufacturers with batch production and marketing capacity in China, which have sprung up all over the country

however, people in the industry have gradually felt the hidden worry under the good situation, which is the serious excess capacity of the dryer, the uneven product quality of the dryer, and the disorder of market competition. According to industry statistics, the total capacity of the dryer industry is about 100000 units, while the market capacity of the dryer is about 20000 units a year, and the ratio of capacity to market demand is about 5:1. In such a situation, most enterprises are not started enough and cannot form an economic scale; All kinds of brands are dazzling, and the product quality is mixed; The market competition is extremely fierce, the enterprise marketing means are various, and the market lacks the restraint mechanism

on the one hand, it is the climax of rapid growth, on the other hand, it is the chaotic market situation, which is becoming the main melody in this field. Statistics show that the mechanized grain drying rate in Japan, the United States and Europe is above 95%, and that in South Korea and Taiwan is also about 90%. From this, it can be seen that the development potential of dryer in China is still huge. The comfort and intelligence of products, "one dryer with multiple functions" may become the future development direction. However, maintaining a good momentum of development will inevitably put forward internal requirements for the improvement of product quality and the optimization of market environment

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