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The agricultural film industry is expected to achieve historical growth

"affected by many positive factors, the agricultural film industry in China has a strong growth momentum in the past 49 years. The operating rate of devices has increased, the prices of products have risen steadily, and the profitability of enterprises has been enhanced. It is expected that the annual demand for agricultural film will exceed 2.4 million tons, and the output will increase by more than 20% over last year." In a recent interview, Liu Min, Secretary General of the agricultural film special committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, expressed optimism about the prospects of the agricultural film industry

according to Liu Min, in 2009, China's agricultural film output was 1.194 million tons, an increase of 18.4% year-on-year. The purchase volume of agricultural film is 2.079 million tons. Among them, the amount of greenhouse film is 1.023 million tons, covering an area of 50.2 million mu; The amount of plastic film is 1056000 tons, covering an area of 310million mu. From January to June this year, the output of agricultural film enterprises above Designated Size nationwide was 723600 tons, a year-on-year increase of 20.43%. Considering the fact that the latter half of the year, especially September to November, is the traditional peak season for the production and marketing of agricultural film, it is expected that the annual output of agricultural film will exceed 1.45 million tons, and the consumption will exceed 2.4 million tons. The output and consumption will both achieve historical growth, which is also the significant growth of China's agricultural film industry for two consecutive years since the financial crisis

according to the analysis of the reasons for the accelerated growth of the agricultural film industry, Liu Min believes that it mainly benefits from the following three factors:

first, strong demand. On the one hand, since the beginning of this year, abnormal disasters such as ice, snow, frost, strong wind, drought and rainstorm have occurred frequently, and have affected a wide range of areas and lasted for a long time. Objectively, the demand for agricultural films with anti freezing and moisture preservation functions and wind and rain protection functions has increased; On the other hand, the sharp rise in the prices of agricultural and sideline products, especially melons and fruits, vegetables, cotton, oil and other economic agricultural products, has brought better benefits to farmers, stimulated farmers to invest more funds, and engaged in anti seasonal greenhouse and film mulching planting, increasing the demand for agricultural film

second, the industrial structure generally selects excellent alloy structural steel structure to achieve practical results. On december17,2009, the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China issued the access conditions for agricultural film industry, which was implemented on January 1, 2010. The access conditions stipulate that the production capacity of newly-built agricultural film enterprises shall not be less than 10000 tons/year, and strict and specific provisions have been made on the quality assurance system and testing equipment, environmental protection and safety facilities, comprehensive utilization of waste, protection of workers' rights and interests, raw material sources and quality requirements of agricultural film enterprises, so as to eliminate those with imperfect safety and environmental protection facilities, imperfect quality system, lack of testing equipment, small scale Small or even workshop type agricultural film enterprises that use recycled materials or excessive by-products to produce inferior agricultural film and then sell it at a low price gradually squeeze out of the market, easing the contradiction of supply exceeding demand in the agricultural film market, creating a fair competition environment for regular agricultural film enterprises, and promoting the growth of advantageous enterprises and the growth of high-quality, characteristic and functional products

third, the slight rise in raw material prices is conducive to the healthy development of the agricultural film industry. As the agricultural film industry "produces for a long time and saves consumption on a global scale in the season", the characteristics of the paper industry or the continuation of the industry downturn in 2019 are very obvious, and the purchasing power of Chinese farmers is very limited, especially they are very sensitive to the price fluctuations of agricultural means of production, including agricultural film. Therefore, no matter the agricultural film manufacturers or dealers, they are most worried about the sharp fluctuations in the price of plastic raw materials and the first rise and then fall in the price of raw materials. Since the beginning of this year, due to the relatively stable market of PE, PVC, EVA and other agricultural film raw materials and the slow rise in prices, agricultural film enterprises dare to continue to produce agricultural film in the off-season, and dealers are willing to store agricultural film. However, farmers are more willing to purchase agricultural film in a timely manner because they are dominated by the "buy up rather than buy down" mentality, which forms a benign interaction between the market and promotes a substantial increase in the production and sales of agricultural film

for the later trend of the agricultural film market, Liu Min thinks that the overall experience is better than that in the first half of the year. At present, the ex factory price of ordinary white film is 11000 ~ 12000 yuan (ton price, the same below), the price of double anti film is 12000 ~ 13000 yuan, and the ex factory price of solar film is 21000 yuan, up from the same period last year. With the arrival of the peak season of agricultural film procurement and consumption in October, the agricultural film market will show a trend of simultaneous increase in both volume and price

it is understood that since September, the peak season of agricultural film production and marketing in Shandong, Henan and Northeast China has quietly arrived. The operating rate of the agricultural film industry has risen to more than 40%, and the operating rate of some key leading enterprises has even reached 70%

"since this year, the company has been producing agricultural film production lines. There is a strong demand for anti fog drop and anti-aging EVA functional films. In order to meet the needs of users, we are planning to add four new high-grade film production lines to increase the production capacity of high-grade agricultural film to 50000 tons/year. It is expected that the annual production and sales of agricultural film will increase by more than 30% over last year, and all economic indicators will be significantly better than last year." Zhaoyang, deputy general manager of the material supply and marketing company of Tianjin second plastic products Co., Ltd., told me

in addition, many large backbone agricultural film enterprises, such as Xi'an Yongfeng Plastic Industry (Group) Co., Ltd., Beijing Huadun snowflake Plastic Group Co., Ltd., Jilin Baishan Xifeng Plastic Co., Ltd., Jinan Sansu Plastic Industry Co., Ltd., Shandong Rixin Chemical Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the production and sales of agricultural film of the enterprises this year have increased significantly compared with last year, and the financial situation has also changed from losses or small profits in previous years to better profits

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