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The first quarter of the agricultural machinery market was depressed and looked forward to the continued development of the whole year. The first quarter of the agricultural machinery market was depressed and looked forward to the continued development of the whole year. Compared with the peak season in previous years, experts believe that the agricultural machinery market will continue to

in the first quarter of this year, the performance of the agricultural machinery market was lower than the expected goal of the enterprise. The traditional production and sales climax was relatively flat, and the market showed a phased downturn. It is quite different from the characteristics of previous peak seasons. Experts believe that, with the comprehensive promotion of a variety of favorable factors, the agricultural machinery market will continue to maintain a steady development trend throughout the year, and will change regularly with the focus on traditional folk customs, agricultural policies, agronomic needs, marketing models, customer needs, etc

I. The agricultural machinery market is lower than the predicted target

in recent years, the agricultural machinery market has maintained a steady development trend, which is basically consistent with the development expectations of enterprises. The sales targets of most enterprises have increased year by year. According to the production and sales habits of previous years, the market has gradually entered the peak sales season since March. The market performance in the first quarter of this year was different from that in the past year. Although some products were launched and a few enterprises sold well, many enterprises were confused by the overall market performance. The market showed the characteristics of "demand change, hot spot transfer and energy accumulation"

first, the sales growth rate decreased. From January to February this year, the sales growth of agricultural machinery market decreased year-on-year. In March, the agricultural machinery market still did not start. The sales of large and medium-sized tractors, combine harvesters and other agricultural machinery products decreased by different degrees year-on-year. Although individual enterprises and different agricultural machinery products are selling well, the overall performance of the agricultural machinery market in the first quarter was weak

the second is the increase of enterprise inventory. Last year, some spring ploughing areas were affected by spring waterlogging, low temperature and other weather. Users were afraid of affecting the purchase of machines in advance during the farming season, and many enterprises ran out of stock. This year, some agricultural machinery enterprises made preparations in advance to meet the "climax" of the market in accordance with the usual practice, and their product inventories were large. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics, the output of large and medium-sized trailers reached 0. 5% in June respectively

760000 and 92000 sets, with year-on-year growth of 11.9% and 11%. As the market has not yet started, both enterprises and dealers are under great pressure from inventory

third, adjustment of purchase time. In the first quarter, the sales of agricultural machinery products were mainly concentrated in the spring farming area, and the northeast, northwest and South regions became the main areas of the market. Due to the normal weather conditions this year, the time of centralized purchase by users was delayed year-on-year

fourth, product hot spot transfer. From the perspective of user demand, the wheat machine market will be adjusted, and the corn harvester, rice transplanter and rice harvester still have a certain growth space. The debate about the fire-proof performance of thermal insulation wall materials has not stopped. The high-power tractor has a large room for growth

five is the transformation of user structure. The share of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, family farms and large grain growers in purchasing machinery has increased year by year, becoming the main force to promote the market development in the first quarter. At the same time, retail purchases have decreased significantly. On the whole, China's agricultural farming income has entered a new stage of development. The total amount of agricultural machinery continues to maintain a rigid and linear demand, and the market will continue to be optimistic in the future

II. Market development is restricted by various reasons.

confusion at the beginning of the year and harvest at the end of the year have always been the thinking mode of market analysts. They have been looking forward to the market rising year by year. If the market changes slightly, they will feel confused. This year, the agricultural machinery market has basically become the consensus of insiders that "the start time is earlier and the hot selling time is later". There are several reasons for the lag in the peak sales season this year

first, the demand effect of spring ploughing for sowing. At present, spring ploughing and sowing preparation have begun in various parts of China. Due to different agronomy and farming modes in different regions, farmers in various parts of China are paying close attention to spring ploughing, sowing preparation, field management of summer grain, and strengthening the prevention and control of diseases and pests. The time varies greatly. In some spring ploughing areas, the time required by users to purchase machines has moved back. At present, the spread of drought in the Huang Huai wheat region, the high incidence of wheat diseases and pests and the uncertainty of disasters in the later period all require that spring farming production must be based on disaster resistance and harvest. With the promotion of spring planting preparation and increase of spring sowing area, agricultural machinery products will have a good performance

the second is the influence of Spring Festival folk custom. After the Spring Festival this year, the climate is relatively normal. The strong demand for high damage tolerant composite materials by spring ploughing aeroengines leads to the further development of composite materials technology. There are basically no major climate disasters such as low temperature and spring waterlogging. Naturally, the release of demand in the agricultural machinery market will be appropriately postponed due to the influence of traditional customs. From the perspective of time, due to the influence of festivals, weather and farming habits, the user's demand for purchasing machines started gradually in March, and entered the peak season in April and may

the third is the driving role of the purchase in the dual channel aircraft boarding mode represented by B787 and A350. In 2014, the first batch of 17billion yuan of national machine purchase subsidies has been allocated; The central government allocated 3.91 billion yuan to support the work of combating disasters, ensuring spring management and promoting spring sowing. In some regions that took the lead in launching subsidies, although the subsidy environment is relatively easy, due to the impact of full purchase, most users hope that enterprises will provide financial support and adopt differential payment to ease the financial pressure. At the same time, affected by land concentration, urbanization and other factors, retail investors tend to be scattered from concentration, and the market cycle in some areas without spring ploughing is relatively prolonged. With the purchase subsidies for agricultural machinery in place, the agricultural machinery market will be fully launched

fourth, the guarantee function of operating income. In recent years, with the continuous promotion of national subsidy projects, users are eager to purchase machines. The social ownership of large and medium-sized tractors is increasing day by day, and the competition is intensifying. At the same time, due to the high fuel price and the continuous fluctuation of operating prices, users' income is declining year by year, and their enthusiasm for purchasing machines is frustrated. From the perspective of operating income, the payback period of user income investment has increased from 1. 5% in previous years The year was extended to, and the operating costs of users continued to increase

five is the urging effect of enterprise promotion. The sales mode of leading enterprises has changed, and the marketing focus has shifted from the traditional competent departments to township users. Some enterprises have not completed the change of sales mode, and can not meet the actual needs of end users. The quality war kicked off, the competition pattern began to change, and the advantages of large enterprises were obvious. Since February, leading enterprises have carried out promotions by means of price optimization and gifts to expand their influence and strive for the initiative in the market. Users choose the most cost-effective agricultural machinery enterprises and products by static braking

III. follow the trend to seek market opportunities

China's agricultural machinery market is still facing many favorable development environments, and will maintain a steady and rapid development trend under the promotion of the policy of benefiting farmers. National policies, industry trends, market orientation and user needs have been adjusted in stages. When studying and predicting market changes, agricultural machinery enterprises need to strive to understand the overall situation, grasp the direction and seek advantages. As the market peak season and high-yield month move back, the energy accumulated in the market will erupt at any time. Before the market peak season, agricultural machinery enterprises should combine their own reality, innovate marketing models, concentrate superior resources, seize market opportunities and meet user needs

first, actively cultivate the market and actively guide users. Agricultural machinery enterprises should display their corporate image and product image through market research, production and marketing communication, etc. Understand local customs, key points of machine purchase subsidies, crop agronomy and farming habits, establish their own target markets and key customers around the differentiated needs of regional users, formulate corresponding marketing strategies and product launch plans, and carry out targeted promotional activities

second, grasp development opportunities according to market changes. Actively promote marketing work in accordance with policy guidance and subsidy priorities. According to the market rules, grasp the characteristics of purchasing machines, implement financial support policies, solve the financial pressure of enterprises, and promote product sales. Do a good job in production and marketing coordination, realize the consistency of market forecast, product manufacturing and product sales, and continuously improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise. Formulate connection measures, smooth production and marketing channels, increase distribution efforts, and ensure that the products can meet the market demand when the peak season comes. Closely track and actively serve, strive to seize the actual needs of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, family farms, large grain growers, competitive customers and other customers, and seize market opportunities more closely than competitors

third, accelerate product upgrading and promote structural adjustment. The competition of agricultural machinery enterprises has changed from the traditional low price competition to the high-value competition of a full set of solutions supported by the system. Agricultural machinery enterprises should improve their product R & D and manufacturing capabilities, accelerate the pace of product upgrading, promote industrial transformation based on market demand, and constantly integrate new technologies such as hydraulic, automatic control, microelectronics, information and biology, so as to develop towards large-scale, integrated and intelligent. Accelerate the R & D and manufacturing capacity of key technologies and equipment for wheat no till sowing, key components and products of high-speed rice transplanters, corn harvesters and synchronizers, power shift tractors and their supporting agricultural machinery, form a coordinated development pattern of core products, development products, competitive products, containment products and core markets, important markets, weak markets and blank markets as soon as possible, and vigorously explore domestic and foreign markets, Ensure the continuous growth of product sales

fourth, enhance the product operation ability to meet the actual needs of users. After China's agricultural mechanization has entered the intermediate stage, users still maintain a rigid demand for agricultural machinery products, and the operability of products has become the decisive factor for users to purchase agricultural machinery. The more unique the product value, the more it can meet the needs of users. The national preferential agricultural policy will also give key support to large and medium-sized, energy-saving and technological products, and the demand for agricultural machinery products with strong profitability will always maintain a strong trend. Agricultural machinery enterprises should accelerate independent innovation and industrial structure adjustment, and use advantageous resources to invest in key industries and key products with large and medium horsepower, energy-saving and high profitability, so as to grasp the first mover advantage of the market

fifth, innovate the business model and build a marketing team. Adhere to innovation driven, implement value orientation, clarify their own resources and capabilities, establish their own positioning, and strive to build a solution platform to improve the value of users. Take the initiative to become bigger and stronger, or to become more refined and specialized, so as to build their own core and scarce competitiveness. It can be seen from the sales volume of enterprises in the first quarter of this year that the leading enterprises in the market are mainly those adopting the marketing model. At the same time, circulation enterprises should pay close attention to e-commerce and develop together with high-quality enterprises; Change the business mode to ensure that the promoters can not only go deep into the fields, but also go deep into the homes of potential users for targeted sales, so as to smooth all links from agricultural machinery products to end users

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