PU coatings and adhesives become the focus of deve

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PU coatings and adhesives in Japan have become the focus of development

in recent years, Japan has a shrinking trend in Pu body. In a narrow sense, PU elastomers include CPU, TPU, MPU and rim microporous elastomers. Some countries also classify non rim microporous elastomers as PU, and the import is decreasing; 2 elastomer. According to relevant data, the highest consumption of PU elastomers in Japan in 1990 reached 5. 5% from plastic mold and plastic machinery manufacturing Common problems and solutions: 70000 tons, and then it collapsed. The consumption in 2003 was about 25000 tons, of which the consumption of microporous elastomer shrank sharply, from 47000 tons in 1990 to about 7000 tons

in recent years, according to its national conditions and technical characteristics, Japan has focused on the development of PU elastomer related products, while PU coatings, PU adhesives and sealants are the key development products, accounting for about half of the total output of PU materials in Japan

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