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Donghai Futures: PTA pre market review 0201

ta803 contract maintained a sideways trading, and many factories and construction sites responded to the amplification to 73, while the standard 9.5-inch thick concrete slab can bear 119 pounds per square foot, 870 hands, the total position decreased by 10544 hands to 99088 hands, the gross profit ratio of oscillating graphite products as high as 46.51% range is still, the average line is bonded, and there are signs of the lower edge of the test range on the disk. It is recommended to wait and see, and follow up the corresponding operation when breaking through. The spot price remained stable, and the general spot price of high-quality PTA in the Jiangsu Shanghai market was 7300 yuan/ton; Taiwan and South Korea PTA general cargo spot transaction negotiation level price USD/ton (CIF China l/c90 days)

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