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Southwest Futures: PTA continued its decline, and short sellers can continue to hold

NYMEX crude oil futures returned to the decline overnight after a short rebound. Concerns about the demand for crude oil caused by worries about the economic recession continued to intensify, coupled with the strengthening of the US dollar and the selling of crude oil contracts due in November, which made the oil price fall again, falling by more than 4% to US $70.89/barrel. Affected by this, PTA jumped sharply and opened low today, and then gradually rebounded with the support of buying. It remained in a narrow range for most of the time. The afternoon quotation was 5558 yuan, closing down by 2.93%. Basically, the spot price remained stable today, with the price of medium fiber at 5900 yuan, unchanged from yesterday. Raw material PX also fell by $27.5 again. The outbreak of the financial crisis as early as 2000 made the previously depressed downstream textile digital display more quickly mastered and easy to operate industries even worse. In order to cope with the extremely severe export situation, China has increased the export tax rebate rate of some textiles and clothing from 11% to 13% since August 1 this year. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice that some textiles and clothing will be adjusted again from November 1, 2008 The export of clothing and the development of Ningbo's new material industry have drummed up the tax rebate rate to 14%. But can the export tax rebate really save the textile enterprises from the plight? Most insiders believe that this can only be a short-term good, not a long-term strategy. Some textile enterprises believe that it is still a drop in the bucket and cannot solve practical problems. Therefore, the downstream industry's demand for PTA is also difficult to improve. Generally speaking, PTA is still in a downward pattern. Suggestion: short positions in the early stage can continue to be held

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