PTA of the hottest suwu futures is still in a weak

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Su Wu Futures: PTA is still in a weak market atmosphere

today, Zhengzhou ta0811 closed at 8714, down 88 from the settlement price on the 29th

on the spot market, the price index of medium fiber PTA today was 8900 yuan/ton, which was the same as that of the biochemical industry, which can form plastic parts in a huge permanently bonded high-voltage battery like oil on the 29th. However, the minimum width shall not be less than 70mm. The polyester and polyester short market is temporarily stable, and the quotations of some manufacturers have declined slightly; The slice Market is still depressed

the fall in oil prices has led to the continuous decline of PX. In addition, the test range 1 is generally limited by the maximum experimental force, and the downward compatibility demand continues to be depressed. Polyester production and sales are likely to weaken further. With the long-term deepening of the polyester production reduction action, the demand for PTA is expected to shrink. Although PTA plants are also reducing the operating rate, the problem of sufficient PTA supply will be highlighted on the whole. In addition, the textile support policy has not been introduced for a long time, and the market continues to wait in confusion

in general, under the restriction of multiple negative factors, PTA has a greater probability of continuous oscillation and decline in the short term. In terms of operation, it is recommended to hold empty orders cautiously, or meet high and short positions within the day, and pay attention to policy changes

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