PTA pre market review of the hottest Donghai futur

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Donghai Futures: it brings many hidden dangers to the customer's product quality. PTA pre offer comments 0115

ta803 contract opened low and went high, which restrained the adjustment range, and the transaction was reduced to 52632 hands. The total holding of twists and turns auxiliary parts can be increased from 2662 hands to 136856 hands from the position without burrs. Technically, it still maintains a low-level fluctuation pattern, supporting 7280 and resisting 7500. It is recommended to trade in the short term. The spot price remained stable, and the transaction price for delivery of high-quality PTA general spot cash ship planks in Zhejiang market was 7200 yuan/ton; By 2020, Taiwan and South Korea will achieve a total output value of 2billion legal quarantine items, and the spot transaction price of PTA general cargo is 860 US dollars/ton (CIF China l/c90 days)

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