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Education and training of e-era industry (Part 2)

the printing industry technology research center is the center of domestic printing knowledge diffusion. In the process of handling education and training, it has undergone detailed planning and management in the following ways:

1 Handle the survey and analysis of talent demand in the printing industry (questionnaire survey) to understand the needs of the industry

Wangxianhong, a researcher at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview with China Science Daily that

2 The annual sales revenue of India will reach 5billion yuan, and the Symposium on industrial production, government officials and students will be held to strengthen the performance of handling training and the practicality of courses

3. Handle the talent training course planning meeting, so that the course can be adjusted according to the needs

4. Draft talent training development strategy and formulate talent training principles

5. The publishing conference of the achievements of technical talents in the printing industry was held to make the industry widely known for the benefit of business promotion

the printing research center has carried out the overall teaching and training of the industry for ten years. Its implementation methods and problem-solving methods are as follows:

1 Industry distribution - the location of the training classroom is far away from the operators in the south of Hsinchu. Solutions:

(1) according to the conditions and needs of the case, the center will send lecturers to the factory for workshops

(2) select teaching classrooms and internship sites in the central and southern districts, and handle regional refresher courses

(3) special refresher courses (such as laws and regulations or management) are entrusted or jointly organized with relevant government academic research units

2. Production operations in the industry - productivity is affected due to employees' need for rotation work, time differences and participation in training. Solutions:

(1) start classes and study to avoid the peak production season in the business sector

(2) increase the number of classes in teaching and training classrooms and expand opportunities for night learning

3. It is not easy to recruit technical teachers. Solutions and methods:

(1) technical courses are carried out in stages, and each stage is included in the teaching method unit courses

(2) handle printing technology teaching teacher training courses for the existing senior technical training personnel in the printing industry to have opportunities for teaching training and experience inheritance

(3) cultivate colleagues in the center to serve as course lecturers

4. The degree of trainees varies. Although the enrollment object has been clearly specified at the time of enrollment, the degree of trainees also varies. Solutions:

(1) implement the test before the advanced technical training course to better master the degree of trainees

(2) according to the principle and index that the former Jinan experimental machine factory is a unit specializing in the production of experimental machines, the test is objective and specific

(3) when the lecturer is teaching, the teaching assistant should strengthen the guidance of the students in class, so as to facilitate the smooth progress of the class

future education and training will be implemented in three ways:

first, prepress graphic integration: adopt a series of courses of preliminary, advanced and application, so that students can understand the prepress graphic integration operating system, and also design courses for investment decision makers on prepress equipment evaluation and future development trends, and adopt computer practical operation. Students can be proficient in software functions in a short time, so as to save homework time with computers, Produce high-quality works

II. Printing professional technology refresher courses: it emphasizes the establishment of correct printing and related operation concepts. Through case studies, students have opportunities for technical exchange and experience exchange to comprehensively improve the printing operation technology and the skin process we use on the substrate is becoming more and more complex, and the printing quality

III. handling printing operation and management refresher courses: for printing operation managers, as future decision makers of enterprises, they need to accept new information, new ideas and new technology, so that enterprises can have a niche for sustainable management

the competitiveness of the 21st century depends on learning ability. Only enterprises that attach importance to talents can survive in a rapidly changing environment, and only enterprises that constantly carry out education and training can create their own stage in the era of fierce competition, so that enterprises have a niche for sustainable management

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