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Pioneer Futures: PTA continued to adjust, focusing on the support near the first target

the spot price fell by 100 yuan to 9250 yuan. The spot quotation is yuan, the mainstream transaction is 9250 yuan, and the near ocean quotation is 1165 dollars. The mainstream transaction only charges the maintenance cost. The two have their own advantages and disadvantages. The bonded price is 1175 dollars. The drag effect of the outer disk on the inner disk is more obvious. P2the news that x fell to $1615 in 2016 also hit long sentiment. Within the day, Hualian Sanxin issued a contract price of 9950 yuan in June and 10500 yuan in July, an increase of 1300 yuan. There was a strong bearish atmosphere in the downstream filament market, and the news of the decline in production and marketing rate hit popularity. At the same time, the market shipment psychology began to be strong. Staple fibers also fell slightly. The only positive news said that the downstream polyester may reduce production, but considering the current depressed market, at most, it can only slightly alleviate the bearish sentiment, and can not really change the depressed buying intention

high production costs and early inventory consumption make "horizontal consolidation" and "limited decline" the cornerstone of leading market sentiment. However, considering the appreciation of the RMB, the downstream textile industry did not receive industrial support, and the fabric price refused to follow up, etc. July 2008 will once again become a difficult month for PTA. It is worth reminding that attention should be paid to the opportunities brought to petrochemical products by product oil protection to ensure product quality and use safety during the "Olympic Games"

technically, the futures price stabilized in the first-line stage of 9350, and the supporting effect of the 20 day moving average appeared. On the 5th, it crossed the 10 day moving average to maintain the judgment of the continuation of the short-term callback. From the K-line of Japan, we believe that there is support between 9350 and the front line in the early stage. The adjustment is not over yet, and the time for multi order intervention is not yet ripe

operation, wait and see

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