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Donghai Futures: PTA pre Market Review 1207

on Thursday, ta803 contract rebounded moderately, and the transaction was relatively active, reaching 76094 hands. The total position increased by 2362 hands to 111712 hands, and the low and long short differences increased. However, the overall market is still an obvious short market, and there is still a process of seeking support downward and repeated confirmation in the future market. The short order can be reduced appropriately, or continue to hold, and the profit limit is 7450. The spot is weak. At present, the transaction price of high-quality PTA in the East China market is 6850-6900 yuan/ton; Taiwan and South Korea PTA general cargo spot transaction price 830 screws mostly adopt M-type ordinary screws - $835/ton (C universal tensile testing machine (auto parts testing machine) is widely used in the industry if China l/c from the government level for 90 days)

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