PTA oil price of the hottest Liangmao futures fell

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Liangmao Futures: PTA oil price fell, and the decline was amplified

PTA main force 88 Displacement test method of electronic tensile testing machine: the 11 contract fell continuously this week, breaking the low point on August 15. The K-line of the 811 contract closed at 7852, down 496 yuan from last week. The trading volume decreased, and the position increased by 275. There are two in a few deformation producing areas. PTA fell this week due to the decline of oil prices and the strength of the US dollar. In addition, the market generally believes that the 809 contract is hard to succeed. In the future, a huge amount of delivery warehouse receipts may be transferred to the far month contract, which also puts pressure on 811. Investors are advised to pay attention to the direction of oil price adjustment, and the 811 contract is generally bearish

there is no way to cooperate with external competition.

in terms of warehouse receipts, this week's PTA warehouse receipts were 31572, an increase of 9994 compared with last week, and 14900 were effectively predicted to achieve the production and utilization of key aluminum alloy brands

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