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+++The instrument for detecting the release of harmful substances from plates +++

perforation extraction instrument ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

this instrument is applicable to the detection of formaldehyde release from medium density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard, particleboard, directional particleboard and other plates. The system meets the requirements of gb/t standard. Perforation method is an internationally popular formaldehyde emission detection method for fiberboard and particleboard. It is accurate and easy to operate. It is a special instrument for the national mandatory standard of formaldehyde emission limit in wood-based panels and their products. The standard configuration includes formaldehyde extractor (7-piece Glass Set), special support, lifting table, heating sleeve and other parts

9~11l dryer ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

test equipment according to the limit of harmful substances in interior decoration materials (GB). The dryer method is an internationally popular formaldehyde emission detection method for wood-based panels, which has a low threshold. It is accurate and easy to operate. It is a special instrument for the national mandatory standard of formaldehyde emission limits in wood-based panels and their products. The products are exquisitely made, beautiful and generous in appearance, and the performance indicators have reached the international level of similar products

climate box for formaldehyde emission detection of 1 cubic meter +++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Product Model: veous-m type

ambient temperature: 15 ℃ ~ 30 ℃

ambient humidity: ≤ 90% RH

volume of climate box: 1 cubic meter (1.5m × 0.84m × 0.8m)

temperature adjustable range: 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃

humidity adjustable range: 40% - 70%

temperature: 23 ℃ ± 0.5 ℃

humidity: 45% ± 3% RH

air exchange rate: 1m3/h, ± 5%

air flow rate: 0.1m/s ~ 0.5m/s (continuously adjustable)

power supply: AC 220v/50hz/three-phase power supply (4-wire or 5-wire system)

starting power: ≤ 8kw

operating power: ≤ 4kw

floor area: 2.5 square meters

Product Introduction:

the limited release of formaldehyde from interior decoration materials is a hot issue of environmental protection that is widely concerned by countries all over the world, The formaldehyde emission of various indoor decoration materials (such as wood-based panels, carpets, paints, wallpapers, curtains, etc.) is an important indicator to measure the quality of their products, which is related to the environmental pollution of products and the impact of human health. 1m3 formaldehyde emission climate box detection method is a standard method widely used abroad to detect the formaldehyde emission of indoor decoration and decoration materials. Its characteristic is to simulate the indoor climate environment, and the detection results are closer to reality, so it is true and reliable

this product has been used by the national wood-based panel quality supervision and inspection center, the customs, and the import and export quarantine and Inspection Bureau. Its technical performance indicators comply with the national standard - formaldehyde emission limit in wood-based panels and their products for interior decoration materials (GB18580-2001) and the national environmental standard product industry standard "technical requirements for environmental labeling products artificial wood panels" (HJBZ). Veous-m 1m3 formaldehyde emission test h ü bers is a leader in casting and impregnation mixing technology. The climate box is a new generation product launched after adopting a new design based on the information fed back by the original users in the process of use. The product has beautiful appearance, excellent manufacture, reliable detection and control system, and has passed the metrological certification of "National Research Center for reference materials"

scope of application:

it is applicable to all kinds of wood-based panels, composite wood floors and other indoor decorative materials. However, due to the rapid increase in the proportion of national waste recycling, the determination of aldehyde release, and the constant temperature and humidity balance treatment of wood or wood-based panels, it can also be used for the detection of volatile harmful gases in other building materials

product features:

· instrument digital display: the real temperature and humidity data in the box can be directly read through the instrument

· advanced technology of heat exchanger: high heat exchange efficiency and small temperature gradient

· cold and hot temperature regulating water tank: stable temperature control

· dew point temperature adjust air humidity: the humidity is uniform and does not condense at the corresponding temperature

· advanced humidity temperature humidity sensor: the sensor has high accuracy and stable performance

· oil free magnetic pump: the water circulation system adopts American oil-free magnetic pump, and the wet air does not affect the gas detection in the box

· high quality refrigerator: imported refrigerator with stable operation and long service life

· low water level protection: constant temperature and dew point water tanks have low water level alarm

· stainless steel inner box: the inner wall surface is smooth and does not absorb formaldehyde

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