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Detection method of soft packaging of milk powder

milk powder is closely related to people's life. Although it is a dry food, it is very easy to deteriorate. Milk powder packaging is an important way to ensure the quality of milk powder. At present, most of the milk powder packaging used, except tin cans, adopts soft packaging. This paper only analyzes the technical requirements of milk powder soft packaging testing for communication

1. Appearance

the appearance of the milk powder packaging bag should be flat, without bubbles, wrinkles, white spots, damage, etc. The printing quality should be better than the relevant requirements of GB/t7707 gravure decoration printing. The surface quality status can be checked by manual discrimination, but the quality control of ink layer bonding fastness emphasizes the specific migration limit and specific total migration limit of additives, monomers and other initiators in the material. If it is evaluated only by manual stripping by technicians, it will be impossible to provide data analysis due to large human factors, and the disc stripping tester must be used for testing according to the specifications

2. Composite strength (peeling force) and heat sealing strength (sealing peeling force)

according to the classification of milk powder packaging, there are generally bopp/pe, bopp/vm/pet, pet/al/pa/pe and other structures. Different composite materials have different requirements for composite strength. Generally, the composite strength between the printing layer and the middle layer is required to be greater than 1.5 N/15mm, and between the heat sealing layers or between the middle layers is required to be greater than 2.0N/15mm (now most enterprises have raised the standard to greater than 2.5n/15mm). The sealing strength should be greater than 35n/15mm. For peel strength, gb8808 standard shall be implemented, the test speed is 300mm/min, and the sample width is 15mm. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the test data, the test data shall be solved in strict accordance with the standard: the same as pinching and tailing, that is, the data of the first 25mm and the last 10mm test interval must be discarded without statistics. Is the implementation of the new EU regulations on plastic materials and products of Languang's smart electronics imminent? The domestic tensile testing machine is equipped with the function of automatically removing the head and tail, which can bring great convenience to users. Welcome to call:

3. Pressure resistance and sealing performance

the pressure resistance of the product shall comply with the relevant provisions of gb10005. The pressure resistance of the product with a capacity of G shall reach n, and that of the product with a capacity of G shall be n. The control of packaging sealing performance should refer to gb/t15171 standard, and the sealing tester that meets the standard requirements should be used for testing. As the sealing part of the packaging bag is most prone to leakage, the general detection method is to put pressure in water after the China Mining Federation also awarded Jixi the title of "graphite city of China", and compare and evaluate the overall sealing process and sealing effect by visual inspection

4. Oxygen and water resistance test

milk powder is a food that is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and nutrition cannot be guaranteed after oxidation; At the same time, milk powder as a dry food, moisture has a great impact on it. If the moisture resistance performance of the material is not good, it will be wet and caked at least, and it will be moldy at worst. Therefore, testing the oxygen and humidity resistance of milk powder packaging is an important means to ensure the shelf-life quality of products. The detection method shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the national standards GB and GB

5. Sanitary performance

sanitary indicators shall comply with the relevant provisions of gb9687, and no foreign matters shall appear. The total amount of residual solvent required by the national standard is less than 10mg/m2, and current enterprises generally set the standard at no more than 5mgm2

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