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Detection of prepress film developer

film developer is an indispensable equipment for prepress. With the development of science and technology, the control process of the developer has realized intellectualization, which not only improves the operating performance of the developer and reduces energy consumption, but also reduces the uncertain factors in the process of manual intervention and improves the quality of the developer. At present, several popular developing machines in the market are very mature, but compared with cologne series products made in Denmark, they are more representative

the control system of gulongyan series developer takes microprocessor PCB as the core. In view of the requirements of the development process to make them very suitable for the utilization needs of the oil and gas industry, PCB has the following functions:

1 Self detection function

2. Control function of electrolyte solution temperature and stock solution concentration

3. Standby function

1 self check function

refers to that after the Cologne developer is powered on, the microprocessor PCB must first carry out self diagnosis, that is, to detect whether the working state of each functional area is normal. Once there is an abnormal condition, it will notify the operator in the form of sound and light, and give the error code at the same time. This function is very useful for machine maintenance. When there are abnormal conditions, we can accurately find out the cause of the fault according to the error code displayed in the self-test. The self-test is completed by the testprogram in the microprocessor. For specific applications, please refer to the description of the test program in the operating manual of Cologne developer

2 control function of electrolyte solution temperature and stock solution concentration

this function is very important, because the film development process is a chemical reaction process, in which the concentration and temperature of the solution are the key factors affecting the chemical reaction process, so the temperature of the solution and the concentration of the stock solution must be relatively stable to ensure the stability of product quality. In gulongyan developer, the realization of this part of function is jointly completed by temperature sensor, electric heating tube, cooling circulating pump, make-up pump and microprocessor PCB

the temperature sensor is composed of thermal resistance, which has the positive temperature effect of serial acquisition of Shulman and citadel plastics Inc., that is, its resistance increases with the increase of temperature; The liquid level height sensor is composed of parallel electrode columns close to each other. The control of the concentration of the stock solution is realized by injecting the newly prepared solution into the medicine tank at a fixed time by the make-up pump. The length of the time interval can be realized by setting the software. Electric heating tube is a kind of heating device, which is used to heat the solution to meet the temperature requirements of the development process; The function of the circulating pump is to make the solution circulate continuously, make it evenly heated or cooled, and reduce the crystallization of the solution at the same time. Among these devices, temperature sensor, electric heating tube and circulating pump realize the control of temperature under the management of processor PCB. When the temperature control is abnormal, it can be checked from these links. Liquid level height sensor, make-up pump and circulating pump realize the control of liquid level and concentration under the management of processor PCB. If there is any abnormality in this link, these devices can be checked. In actual production, if the film density is uneven, there may be a problem in this link

3 standby function

this function is a necessary function for the developer to reduce energy consumption, reduce mechanical loss and prolong service life. In gulongyan developer, when there is no film washing, the main drive, drying and water washing all stop. In terms of electrical control, the main drive motor is mainly powered by the horizontal spring tension tester, which is mainly composed of various change springs m3, film sensors, drying electric heating tubes, electric fans and water washing solenoid valves

among these devices, film sensors are equipped with left and right sensors, and some have one in the middle. When a film arrives, it inputs a chip signal (high level) to the processor. The main drive motor m3 is the power source of the whole machine. The water washing solenoid valve SL is the control valve for water inlet. The function of the drying electric heating pipe (R6) and the drying electric fan M6 is to remove the water attached to the film. H1 is the working status indicator, H2 is the temperature status indicator. Under the management of the processor PCB, they realize the startup and standby functions of the machine. A2 and A3 are the safety switches of the machine. When the upper cover of the machine is opened, the machine cannot be opened. If this part is abnormal, check the corresponding parts and deal with them accordingly

the above is a simple understanding I gained in the process of using guyanlong developer. I hope I can give my colleagues some help

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