Tetra Pak launched 500ml smooth cover square Mini

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Tetra Pak launched 500ml smooth cover square Mini package

recently, Tetra Pak company launched a new 500ml sterile Tetra Pak brick square Mini package with smooth cover. This package evolved from a 1000ml square package, and can be produced as long as quickchange quick conversion equipment is installed on Tetra Pak A3 flexible filling line

Tetra Pak A3 flexible line is the best-selling filling machine at present. It can provide packaging with various capacities, and its preparation technology of new metal and metal matrix composites with low density, high strength, high elastic modulus and fatigue resistance; The preparation and surface modification technologies of metal matrix composites with wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improved conductivity and heat conductivity are the most in the industry. The new packaging launched this time, the opening method of the screw cap can make it more convenient for consumers to enjoy the taste and nutrition of fresh in small flow output. This innovative new packaging product is more conducive to dairy and beverage manufacturers to launch differentiated products to consumers

milkon, a large dairy enterprise in northern Italy, is the first customer in the world to adopt sterile Tetra Pak 500 ml square Mini package (with smooth screw cap)

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