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Inspection methods and skills of ink-jet printer parts

in the process of daily office work, the sudden failure of ink-jet printer is a headache for office workers, and the oil pipe with higher intensity needs to be replaced. How to carry out the preliminary inspection can quickly solve the small problems, and sort out the inspection and maintenance methods and skills of common printer components for the benefit of the majority of spray friends

I. quick maintenance method of interface circuit

if the printer can print, but cannot print the specified content, there are @@@@ or other characters, and similar faults occur during self-test printing, it is mostly due to the damage of interface circuit. The interface circuit of the printer is a digital circuit. To judge whether it is damaged, an integrated circuit detector can be used for detection

since the model of the interface chip is roughly the same, the replacement method can also be used for maintenance. If it can work normally after replacement, it indicates that the interface chip has been damaged. Most of the interface chips of new printers are not directly welded, but installed with integrated circuit sockets, so it is not too difficult to replace them. When installing integrated circuits for old printers, an integrated circuit socket can be welded, which will facilitate maintenance

II. Ink jet head cleaning system failure

under normal circumstances, after the ink jet printer is powered on, the ink jet head, driven by the word cart, moves to the nozzle cleaning unit to execute the automatic nozzle cleaning program. The ink suction mechanism in the ink jet head cleaning system starts to suck and clean the nozzle. After cleaning, the nozzle is sealed by the sealing rubber on the nozzle frame to ensure the cleaning of the ink jet head. When the ink jet head cleaning system fails, the nozzle makes an error in the cleaning process. At this time, the following processing can be carried out:

1 Some parts of the inkjet head cleaning system are damaged, such as aging of the sealing rubber parts. Replace the damaged element 2 Influence of self weight on the experiment: the horizontal tensile testing machine can do large-scale experiments

2. The main control circuit board is faulty. The main control circuit board must be replaced or repaired according to the inspection

3. The paper feeding motor operates abnormally. Since the drive of the cleaning unit in the inkjet head is transmitted by the paper feeding motor, when the motor fails, the inkjet head cleaning system will be naturally affected. Check and repair the paper feeding motor. Replace the motor if necessary

4. The driving part of the carriage motor is faulty. Since the carriage returns to the initial position at the left end (some printers are at the right end), the paper feeding motor can be driven by drive 3 Oscillation angle: ± 0.5 °, ± 1.0 °, ± 3.0 ° the paper moving mechanism turns to drive the ink jet head cleaning system and automatic paper feeder, etc. when the word material has been made into a cube car with a side length of 1 cm, and the motor drive fails, the word car cannot normally move to the nozzle cleaning unit to execute the cleaning procedure. Check and repair the trolley motor and its drive circuit

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