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Typical design of cosmetic packaging at the forefront of fashion

design trend: cosmetic packaging stationery

makeup is sometimes like a color game, while makeup artists' beauty products and painters' palette can sometimes be equated

with a little attention, it is not difficult for us to find that the packaging of the new generation of cosmetics is becoming more and more unconventional, the design is unique and ingenious, and gradually goes out of the previous stereotype. The image is fashionable and gorgeous, often blurring the boundary between cosmetics and stationery, making eye shadow look like crayons, lip gloss like paint, and eyeliner like brushes, so you can't tell which is cosmetics and stationery

these beauty products are not only attractive in appearance, but also the innovation in design is to strengthen its practicality and make makeup easier. In addition, it also conveys a strong sense of fashion taste and trend, linking makeup and creativity, and stirring up infinite imagination. The arbitration thickness of type I and II samples is 4mm as the space

* Shu Uemura · makeup pen

if you don't say it, you will think it is a color pen for painting. Its creative inspiration does come from the color pen, but it is used to make up the eyes. It is easy to use and not easy to paste. It can be used to draw Eyeliner, and it can also be used as eye color

* Chanel · Automatic Liquid Eyeliner Pen

is this a brush? Of course not. This is Cha's innovative Eyeliner Pen suitable for ul859 swing angle experiment, with a speed of 25 times/min (settable) and an acquiescence speed of 20 times/min. gently rotate the flow adjustment button at the end of the pen to fill the tip with an appropriate amount of eyeliner, and you can draw beautiful and moving big eyes

* Yves Saint Laurent · sweet lip marker

the new generation of YSL sweet lip marker, just looking at its appearance, really makes people think it is an ordinary marker

but it has more beautiful uses. It can be used to outline the lip shape and draw the lip line first, and then smear the inside of the lips with the tip of the pen to add beauty to the vermilion lips. Bright pink color, lasting makeup, and with sweet tropical fruit fragrance, innovative formula makes lips soft and smooth

* Biotherm flash lip gloss

biotherm flash lip gloss looks like a bunch of oil paint? It has three-dimensional light effect, which can smooth the lips and create a water dripping effect. It is rich in natural citrus essence, which tastes fresh and fragrant. Its vitamin E can supplement water and make the lips feel soft and natural

* Estee Lauder · colorful crystal frozen eye cream pen

regardless of the quality of the packaging, Estee Lauder's colorful crystal frozen eye cream pen looks more like a crayon. It is rich in color and contains crystal jelly low light molecules, which makes the eyes glow with bright colors. It is the most fashionable eye shadow makeup product

* art mechanical eye pencil

like a mechanical pencil eye pencil, the mechanical rotation button can adjust the length of the refill. One end is pink eye color, and the other end is black, brown or dark blue refill, which can be used to draw eyeliner

* art mechanical lip pen

lip pen like magic pen, one end is thick and the other end is thin. The thin one can be used to outline the lip line, and the thick one is equivalent to lipstick

cosmetics packaging of Beijing xifengdongyun design company

includes cosmetics packaging box design, cosmetics bottle design, washing supplies packaging design, etc. as a fashion consumer goods, cosmetics, in addition to its certain use effect, is also a manifestation of culture, a combination of use function and spiritual culture, and is often used to meet the psychological needs of consumers for beauty. 2. The parameters of this kind of products mainly correspond to the removal of head and tail. No matter the packaging shape or color, it should be designed to be simple, clean, elegant and generous

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