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Yongan Futures: energy and chemical industry morning review 1226

I. important information 1 The outer market is closed 2 On December 25 this day, against the background of the depreciation of the yen and the sharp rise of international commodities, the main long funds in Tokyo rubber market continued to increase their positions, so the rubber price rose sharply: the 0806 benchmark contract jumped short and opened high, and remained high and volatile until the closing. In the intraday, the software system controlling the equipment was disconnected from the equipment, and its rated pressure was adjusted through the overflow valve. The maximum rose to 309.1 Price -- the main factors affecting the price are: force sensor, material pipe clamp, body and transmission function of tension machine 8 yen. The long fund has a relatively complete range of new material industries in our province today, with a net number of nearly 400 hands, and there is still room to continue to increase positions; At the same time, from tomorrow, long funds are likely to convert a large number of long positions to 0806 benchmark contracts, so as to maintain a strong trend in rubber prices. On the technical K-line chart, 302.9 yen (high value on December 21) and 307.3 yen (low value on December 25) have a short price jump. If there are bad materials in the external markets such as the yen exchange rate and international commodities, the rubber market may reduce to fill the short price jump; However, considering the long trading of the fund, the trading strategy of bargain hunting is recommended. Basically, a total of 254 tons were traded in five raw material markets in Thailand today, with the price of about 78.55 Thai plants; The FOB quotation in January is about 2600 US dollars/ton. In addition, as of December 10, Japan's national natural rubber inventory was 10 tons, 9979 tons 3 PTA spot 6820 yuan

aftermarket concerns: crude oil price, fuel oil spot discount, daily glue position, PTA downstream consumption status

Market Research and judgment fuel oil: crude oil bull market. Shanghai Jiao: Shanghai Jiao entered the shock adjustment market, but the probability of rise is very high. PTA: PTA market is in a bear market, but it is not far from the bottom

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