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Yongan Futures: fuel rubber morning post 0521

I. important information tips:

1 On May 20, the main contract fu807 of Shanghai fuel oil futures closed at 4780, up -2 points from the previous trading day. Trading Volume 2. Koizumi has a unique hobby for strange faces 6054, with a position of 24506, an increase of -6194 from the previous trading day. 2. On May 20, ru809, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao futures, closed at 23830, up -230 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 3382, 600 when repairing precision instruments, and a position of 81866, an increase of 3888 from the previous trading day. 3. On May 20, NYMEX crude oil closed at 128.98, up 1.93. 4. On May 20, rijiao closed at 317.3, up 2.5

II. Future concerns

1 Fed policy 2 The trend of the US dollar index is 3 Evolution of subordinated debt 4 International geopolitical changes 5 The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced inventory changes 6 Changes in fuel oil and natural rubber inventories

III. Market Research and judgment:

due to the decline of the US dollar, crude oil continued to rise overnight, thus correcting the weak technical pattern. From the perspective of the trend, there is a need to withdraw for confirmation, but the further upward trend will continue. Yesterday, Shanghai fuel oil rose and fell. We have given suggestions of cautious short selling in the day, but if crude oil continues to rise, Shanghai fuel oil will still rise. In terms of operation, if the intraday recovery fails to break yesterday's low, you can do more within the day, and it is not suitable to catch up with the high if it opens sharply

yesterday, the Japanese glue bottomed out and rebounded, but whether it can return to the upward trend is uncertain, so today's trend will be extremely important. The trend of Shanghai Jiaotong is the same, and it also shows a pattern of shock rebound. In terms of operation, if it opens low today, the intraday price will go back to explore, but it will not break the support of 23350, which can be increased within a day; If the antenna is turned on high but cannot rise above 5, it can be short within a day; If it is opened higher than 5, it can be opened on the antenna and pulled back for confirmation, but the antenna can be much shorter within a day without breaking 5

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