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Yongchuang intelligent convertible bonds were approved to be listed for the construction project of packaging equipment with an annual output of 40000 units. Release date: Source: Securities

on January 8, Yongchuang intelligent disclosed the public offering announcement of convertible corporate bonds. According to the announcement, the issuance of Yongchuang convertible bonds was 51.217 million. The pressure testing machine has self-test function (5.217 million pieces), and will be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on January 10, 2020

it is reported that the term of this issuance of convertible bonds is six years from the date of issuance, that is, from December 23, 2019 to December 22, 2025. The coupon rate is 0.6% in the first year, 0.8% in the second year, 1.4% in the third year, 1.8% in the fourth year, 2.3% in the fifth year, and 3.0% in the sixth year. Within five trading days after the maturity of the bonds, the company will redeem all the convertible corporate bonds that have not been converted into shares at the price of 112% of the face value of the bonds (including the last interest)

according to the company's announcement, the raised funds of this convertible bond will be used for the construction project of 40000 sets of packaging equipment per year, which is wholly-owned by the company. 3. Powerful calculation: extensive built-in database with calculation options in accordance with ASTM, ISO, BS, en, DIN and other standards, including load fracture load yield modulus preset point average load and many other material experiment functions Yongchuang machinery is responsible for the implementation, and the land use right of the project land has been obtained through judicial auction and has been paid in full; The rest of the raised funds will be used to supplement working capital

in fact, the R & D, design, production and manufacturing of packaging equipment and supporting packaging materials that the company has been engaged in have increased rapidly in recent years. From 2016 to the first half of 2019, the company's main profits in the packaging industry reached 325 million, 392 million, 482 million and 256 million respectively. The business scale of the company continues to expand, and the sales volume of products continues to grow. According to the announcement, during the above reporting period, the capacity utilization rate of the company's packaging equipment reached 99%, 108%, 112% and 114% respectively. Yongchuang intelligent said that the existing production and processing sites and equipment processing capacity can no longer meet the needs of the company's rapid development

in addition, this raised investment project will optimize the company's production process and improve operation efficiency by purchasing production equipment with higher processing accuracy and automation level, such as large processing centers, laser cutting machines and CNC punches. According to the announcement, the company plans to use 133million raised funds to purchase the above equipment, and then the refrigerant will expand through the valve to do work

according to the company's announcement, the construction period of the above project is two years, the total investment of the project is 548million, and the raised funds are proposed to be used no more than 359million. After completion and full production, the production capacity of packaging equipment will be increased by 40000 sets (sets), of which the production rate in the first year of reaching production is 60.00%, the production rate in the second year of reaching production is 80.00%, and the production rate from the third year of reaching production is 100.00%. The company said that the implementation of the project will help the company break through the bottleneck of insufficient production capacity and enhance its profitability

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