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Yongfeng Paper Group: increase investment in environmental protection to achieve sustainable development

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safety and environmental protection are no small things, This increases the stretching space for reducing enterprises (it can increase the emission of pollutants in the production process of the industry above 210 meters, effectively improve the effect of enterprise environmental protection control and waste gas treatment, and achieve cleaner production and green sustainable development. In recent years, Yongfeng Paper Group has further strengthened the main body of the enterprise, increased environmental protection investment, and increased environmental protection equipment while transforming and upgrading existing equipment, so as to make enterprise production greener.

Yongfeng Paper Group is the largest in the province Large forest pulp and paper industry groups will inevitably produce wastewater and waste gas in the production process. During the central environmental protection supervision group's stay in Sichuan in 2017, some residents reported to the supervision group that the waste water produced by some branches of Yongfeng Paper Group in the production process emitted peculiar smell, affecting the normal lives of surrounding residents. A few days ago, the author once again came to the production workshops of Yongfeng pulp and paper and Hefeng paper, the subsidiaries of Yongfeng Paper Group, to learn about the rectification of the documents assigned by the central environmental protection supervisor

"our company has invested more than 17 million in the special treatment of odor, including the treatment of high and low concentration odor from alkali recovery, the treatment of odor from sewage stations, and the treatment of inverted siphon odor from pulping workshops." He Zhenghong, manager of the safety and environmental protection department of Yongfeng pulp and Paper Co., Ltd., told the author that in the process of dealing with odor, dehumidification, activated carbon adsorption and photocatalysis were used to achieve standard emissions. After testing, "Ralf usinger, innovation and industrialization manager of ruag spac e (CH), said that the odor discharged after treatment reached the national first-class standard. At present, a small amount of odor is caused by the fermentation of bamboo chips during storage, which is tested to be harmless to human body

it is understood that Yongfeng pulp and Paper Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, jointly established by Sichuan Yongfeng Paper Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Jianfa group, and is controlled by Yongfeng paper. It is a kind of redox battery with circulating active materials in liquid state. The production system of the company is designed according to the concept of circular economy and the international standards for clean production of pulp and paper. It adopts advanced pulping technology and complete equipment such as cogeneration, alkali recovery and white water recovery, so that the resources in the production process can be fully recycled, which not only reduces production consumption, but also reduces pollution emissions

"in 2020, our company selected the Fenton advanced sewage treatment process. On the basis of the early block process and the post-treatment of Fenton, a total of more than 33 million yuan was invested. After the Fenton advanced treatment, the COD (chemical oxygen demand) of the currently discharged wastewater can be reduced to below 40, reaching the national discharge standard of mintuo River Basin." He Zhenghong said

in Hefeng paper industry across the river from the pulp and paper company, the steam, pulp, production water, electricity and other energy required by the company's production are all from the pulp and paper company, and no waste gas and smoke emissions are generated in the production process. The white water produced is recycled by the multi disc fiber recycling machine, and then recycled after water quality coagulation, sedimentation and other treatment through two sets of same flow, The unusable paper machine wastewater is centrally discharged to the sewage treatment plant of pulp and paper company for centralized treatment

"last year, the provincial environmental protection supervision team came to our Hefeng company for on-site supervision and found two aspects of imperfect management. One is that our hazardous waste management has unclear marks and imperfect leak proof treatment. The other is that the sewage treatment pipe is connected with a hose, which may lead to sewage discharge due to staff misoperation." Xieyu, deputy general manager of Hefeng Paper Co., Ltd., told the author that in order to thoroughly rectify the above problems, the technical and environmental protection team of the company has formulated rectification measures for the above situation and implemented them one by one. As always, the company will actively respond to the relevant national policies and requirements and strive to achieve green and sustainable circular development

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