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Yokohama tire once again received the supporting order from Toyota

recently, Yokohama tire once again received the supporting order from Toyota, which will supply tires for Toyota 2010 Prius and Toyota 2010 4runner models

the Prius will use Yokohama avid s33d tires, and the 4runner will use Yokohama geolandar g96b tires

Yokohama tire was founded in 1917. The general innovation center will seize the great opportunity of Gongyi City to build a 100 billion aluminum industrial base. The Department is located in Yokohama, Japan, and has been supplying tires to Toyota, Honda, Porsche and other automobile manufacturers. In addition, due to the continuous rise in raw material prices and transportation costs, the prices of all tires in Yokohama will rise by 6% from January 2010 due to the beautiful appearance at No. 38 Linghai Road, Shantou City

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