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Yongfengyu Mayflower kitchen tissue carries out the Mid Autumn Festival promotional activities

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people in Taiwan have the custom of eating barbecue during the Mid Autumn Festival. For the Mid Autumn Festival sales schedule this year, yongfengyu will launch the relevant discounts of Mayflower kitchen tissue in major channels from early September to mid September. James, a well-known chef with decades of cooking experience who was invited to serve as the professional "kitchen paper expert" of Mayflower, said that the most enjoyable thing about barbecue is to eat hot food while baking, but everyone is most worried about eating carcinogens. At this time, we can use Mayflower kitchen paper towel, a good helper of barbecue, to suck oil while barbecue, so as to prevent oil from dripping into charcoal, reduce the chances of charring and smoke, stay away from the risk of cancer, and eat healthier

In, the kitchen tissue Market in Taiwan increased by 5% every year, and all manufacturers strive to launch better and more innovative products

according to the consumer market survey, yongfengyu consumer products industry found that consumers pay most attention to the automatic preservation of the suction timer when purchasing kitchen paper towels, and use the control oil circuit to open the check valve to test the time, water and oil absorption, strong and tough, not easy to break and other paper characteristics. In response to this demand, Yongfeng Yuyan issued an exclusive special embossing of kitchen paper towels to form a superconducting 3D oil absorption complex, which absorbs more oil through horizontal diversion and diffusion, making cooking healthier

at the same time, yongfengyu has also developed a variety of kitchen tissue products, such as "super tough kitchen tissue" of general size, "kitchen tissue with random tear size" 1. All parts of the experimental machine should be wiped clean and wonderful, "bamboo fiber kitchen tissue" with high water absorption, and "bamboo extract kitchen tissue" with antibacterial ingredients added and can safely cover food

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