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Yongan Futures: fuel rubber morning post 0508

fuel rubber Morning Post

I. important information tips:

1 On May 7, fu807, the main contract of Shanghai fuel oil futures, closed at 4616, up 25 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 85524 and a position of 49656, an increase of 6994 from the previous trading day. 2. This action loosened the cylindrical storage tank. On May 7, the main contract ru809 of Shanghai Jiao futures closed at 22285, up -210 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 236064 and a position of 94822, an increase of 8438 from the previous trading day. 3. On May 7, NYMEX crude oil closed at 123.53, up 1.69. 4. On May 7, rijiao closed at 308.1, up 8.8. 5. According to Singapore's news on May 7, Asian oil paper prices rose to an all-time high on Wednesday, but the fuel oil cracking spread fell to an all-time low due to weak Chinese demand

in May, the price of fuel oil paper goods rose to a new high of $590.25 per ton, up $2.50 from the previous trading day. The reverse price spread of fuel oil weakened by 50 in May/June, which made entrepreneurs feel at ease to operate and set up enterprises at $4.25

the fuel oil contract in June fell 93 cents to a discount of $24.16 per barrel compared with the crude oil cracking spread in Dubai, a record low, because the high price has limited China's demand

most of them are still small and medium-sized enterprises. II. Factors of concern for the future market

1 Fed policy 2 The trend of the US dollar index is 3 Evolution of subordinated debt 4 International geopolitical changes 5 The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced inventory changes

III. Market Research and judgment:

yesterday, the overnight crude oil continued to set a new record high, but there is the possibility of entering a high shock in the short term, so it is necessary to be cautious to catch up with the high fuel. The high level of Shanghai fuel oil fluctuated yesterday. Although the market is afraid of heights and is not willing to pursue the rise, the rise of crude oil will still boost fuel prices. Therefore, although we maintain a long thinking, we should be cautious in pursuing the rise

after the resumption of trading, the high-level closing cross star, and the subsequent trend needs to be observed. Shanghai Rubber opened high and closed low. The trend of closing negative in the late session has been weak, and the short-term is short. You can find a high point to short in the session

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