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"Yongda" poles sell well in Angola, made in Changxing to help infrastructure construction in Africa

Zhejiang, September 12 (Zhang Zemin, reporting group of Zhejiang lizhizheng county Party committee) "when we first came here five years ago, there was no decent power supply line here, and the municipal power supply was less than 10%. Watching the live broadcast of the ball game on TV, the power may be cut off as soon as the game starts." On the afternoon of September 5, I came to Yongda group, located in Heping Town, Changxing County, and connected Bi Xiaozhong, the executive vice president of Angola Yongda company, which is far away in Luanda, the capital of Angola in Africa. He told that in the past five years, Yongda actively promoted the local urban power transformation project, making the municipal power supply reach 60%. Today in Luanda, the city lights up, there are more electrical appliances, a large number of enterprise stores have opened, residents' lives have been improved, and the industrialization process has been steadily advancing

According to bixiaozhong, Angola Yongda Industrial Park is located in the western suburb of Luanda. The industrial park covers an area of 3.33 million square meters, with a cumulative investment of 450million US dollars. At present, it has attracted companies from machinery manufacturing, wood processing, automobile assembly and other industries to settle in, providing 1263 local jobs. It is Zhejiang Yongda Industrial Group Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in the domestic power pole industry, that has invested in the construction of the industrial park. "We will build one or two factories in every country in Africa!" This is the development goal set by Zhang Faqing, chairman of Zhejiang Yongda Industrial Group Co., Ltd

Yongda entered the African market since 2008. That year, China wire and cable import and Export Co., Ltd. undertook the urban power transformation project in Angola, but a difficult problem was faced by them: the freight of electric poles was expensive, and the loss was also great - Malange, which was transported from China to Angola, had a loss rate of 45% to 50%. When the construction unit is at a loss, it is Yongda company that helps solve the problem. In order to meet the requirements of the construction company, Yongda company has continuously improved the traditional technology and added the design of anti-collision and anti pressure. When the poles made by Changxing came to Malange across the sea, the construction unit was surprised to find that "none of the 8000 poles were damaged, and the loss rate was zero." Mr. Wei, who was the chief technical engineer of the project at that time, recalled

made a beautiful export order, and Zhang Faqing also had an idea, "go to Africa to investigate the market!" In October, 2009, Zhang Faqing went to Angola for an inspection. During the 12 day inspection period, although he encountered difficulties such as inconvenient local transportation and power cuts at any time, Zhang Faqing found a big business opportunity for power products in this hot land, which is expected to be fully put into production in 2017

after more than a year of planning and promotion, in 2012, Yongda officially planned to build Angola Yongda Industrial Park project, which was also listed as the No. 1 foreign investment project after the introduction of the new investment law by the Angolan government, filling the gap that there is no Chinese Industrial Park in Angola. With the promotion of the "the Belt and Road" initiative in the African continent, the market has gradually opened up. Now, the cement poles produced by Yongda have gone out of angkora and entered the markets of Ethiopia and Congo (Brazzaville)

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