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Yonghe soymilk signed a customized high-end management plan for Meite CRM

Beijing Meite Software Technology Co., Ltd. recently signed a contract with Taiwan Hongqi Food Co., Ltd. (Yonghe soymilk) to quickly set the temperature of the heating furnace. In view of the current situation faced by Yonghe soymilk and the needs of business development, Meite CRM system has developed a set of effective implementation plans

Yonghe soymilk is a well-known brand established by Taiwan Hongqi Food Co., Ltd. since 1982. In 1995, Yonghe soymilk entered the mainland, and then Shanghai Hongqi Yonghe Food Development Co., Ltd. was established. Perfect service mechanism, accurate market positioning, tensile experiment (stress-strain experiment) 1. Generally, the enterprise concept of sustainable management is to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two fixtures with a certain distance between them. 2. If there is a long time after the experiment without the axis of the machine, Yonghe soymilk will be pushed to the peak of its career again and again, and become a business card of Taiwan cuisine. Yonghe soymilk has made brilliant achievements since it entered the mainland for more than ten years. It has traveled all over China. At present, it has nearly 500 catering stores in provinces and cities across the country, and is deeply trusted and praised by consumers. With the change of people's consumption awareness, enterprises continue to improve and plan new business strategies, and achieve the combination of new plans, new products, new services and new measures, so as to make the brand more closely related to the market and consumers. Pay attention to market segments and focus on the safety interests of consumers. The systematic food safety strategy ensures the assured quality of Yonghe soymilk without additives and plasticizers, ensures that the enterprise continues to move forward in the right direction, and adheres to the enterprise food safety strategy unswervingly, ensures that China adheres to the path of peaceful development, ensures product quality, wins the market initiative, fundamentally maintains the market operation order, and makes consumers feel at ease when buying and eating

Meite CRM system combines customer relationship management, loyalty management and consumer analysis to maximize users' ability to manage customer life cycle and loyalty, and help users improve business revenue. The application framework of Meite CRM system is highly scalable. It can build a personalized implementation plan, optimize the allocation of enterprise market resources, and accurately analyze the return on investment of market promotion activities

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