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Yongan Futures: fuel rubber early review March 11

fuel rubber Morning Post March 11


1 Khalil, the rotating chairman of the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the Minister of energy and mining of Algeria, reiterated his prediction view a few days ago that from the second quarter of this year, global oil demand will decline, with an average daily decrease of 1.4 million barrels

fuel rubber:

1 After research and decision, Guangzhou Nansha Taishan Petrochemical Development Co., Ltd. is approved to designate a delivery warehouse for fuel oil (4360,60.00,1.40%, bar) of Shanghai Futures Exchange. Address: Yuehai Avenue, xiaohudao Petrochemical Industrial Zone, Huangge Town, Nansha District, Guangzhou. 2. China National Rubber Co., Ltd. March 10 natural rubber spot declaration quotation unit: yuan/ton ------------- substantial improvement in quality and efficiency ---------------------------------------------- date average price of product pending orders highest price lowest price CNR 211 15875 16620 15100 SCR5 439 23154 23200 23000 scr-sub 10 17360 17360 17360 scr10 122 22573 22700 22350 scr20 74 22600 22600 22600 SCR5 (R)/5 363 23100 23100 SCR5 (z)/5 88 22790 22850 22600 scrg 63 19411 19600 19100 ------------------------------- make the "X5" instigation light on --------------------- remarks: the spot bidding quotation of China rubber natural rubber includes the transaction quotation of three trading halls in Hainan, Yunnan and Guangdong. Variety Code: CNR: concentrated latex; RSS: No.1 cigarette glue; Rss/cpr: No. 3 cigarette compound glue; SCR 5:5 standard glue; Scr10: No. 5 standard glue; Scrg: clear glue. 3. On March 10, NYMEX crude oil closed at 107.93, up 2.79. 4. On March 10, rijiao closed at 295.3, up 0.4

domestic fuel oil:

on Monday (March 10), fu805, the main contract of fuel oil futures of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), opened 4320, with a maximum of 4330, a minimum of 4280, and closed 4298, up -73 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 76306, a position of 37012, or the pendulum shaft is too dirty or rusty, and a position increase of -568 from the previous trading day

domestic rubber:

on Monday (March 10), the main contract ru807 of Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) Tianjiao futures opened 23280, with a maximum of 23520 and a minimum of 22610, and closed 23510, up 155 points from the previous trading day, with a trading volume of 221860 and a position of 53330, an increase of -1046 from the previous trading day

comprehensive view:

the torque of the sample collected by the high-precision torque sensor

the dollar rebounded at a low level yesterday, but NYMEX crude oil rose sharply when the metal fell. Therefore, the power of Goldman Sachs to raise the crude oil price forecast to $200 a few days ago is emerging. At present, NYMEX crude oil has deviated from the macro trend, and it is strong as long as it does not break the 5-day moving average. Yesterday, domestic fuel opened low and went low, which was relatively weak in terms of morphology. However, in view of the sharp record of NYMEX crude oil, today's domestic fuel is bound to rise. At present, the operation is relatively difficult, and both long and short should be traded within the day

yesterday, the Japanese glue opened low and went high, and the intraday rebound was relatively strong, but the Japanese glue did not bottom sufficiently in this range, and there will be shocks. Shanghai glue bottomed out yesterday, and there must be competition near the 23000 integer level. Under 23000, you can be cautious about short trading, and it is appropriate to short intraday trading

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