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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the global ecological environment is increasingly damaged, and people have higher requirements for the quality of life. Having a healthy and fresh living environment has become the pursuit of high-quality life. As a tool to improve the air quality of people's living environment, ventilator has been widely used in the living environment around us. With the more and more common use of ventilator, a new problem is in front of us. How to choose a high-quality ventilator has become the focus of attention

Encyclopedia of ventilator: seven tips for choosing ventilator

I. now, more and more people begin to pay attention to indoor air quality, and it is essential to choose a suitable ventilator. There are three kinds of ventilation needs: indoor, kitchen and bathroom

1. The bathroom is generally small, about 2-4 square meters, and 150-200 mm open ventilator can be selected

2. The kitchen can choose to use a 250mm shielded ventilator. If the kitchen has been equipped with a range hood, the ventilator can not be installed

3. The area of bedroom and living room is generally about 12-16 square meters, and a two-way ventilator of 250-300 mm is more suitable

II. At present, there are three types of ventilators on the market: ceiling type, window type and wall mounted type

1. Ceiling ventilator

ceiling ventilator has a beautiful appearance and is generally installed on the ceiling of the room. It is composed of three parts: fan, motor and pipe. The pipe of the ceiling ventilator is generally short. When installing and using, users need to purchase another ventilation pipe matching the pipe. The length of the ventilation pipe can be determined according to the length from the ventilator to the air outlet of the room. The ceiling ventilator operates in one direction to extract the indoor air, and then exhausts the air out of the room through the pipe and the ventilation pipe connected with the pipe. The price of ceiling ventilator is generally more than 100 yuan, while that of imported ventilator is about 500 yuan. Although the ceiling ventilator is beautiful, because the length of the pipe weakens the strength of extracting indoor air during operation, and it can only extract indoor air, but cannot supplement outdoor fresh air, it is not suitable to use the ceiling ventilator in places with more oil smoke and poor air quality, such as kitchens. In the living room and other places, the windows are generally wider, and the circulation of indoor and outdoor air is relatively easy, which is more suitable for the use of ceiling ventilator

2. Wall mounted ventilator

wall mounted ventilator is generally small in size and can be embedded in windows. It has a cylindrical air outlet. Because the cross section of the air outlet is relatively small, its air exchange force is relatively weak. It is suitable for small rooms such as toilets and closed balconies

3. Window ventilator

the window ventilator is easy to install and can be directly embedded in the window. It has two kinds of one-way and two-way ventilation. The two-way ventilation fan refers to that the fan can run clockwise to supplement outdoor fresh air, or it can run counterclockwise to extract indoor air to the outside. Its bottom is equipped with an oil collecting box, which is very suitable for use in places with more oil smoke, such as kitchens. If you want better indoor air quality, you'd better buy a two-way ventilator. Compared with ceiling and wall mounted ventilators, it has the largest ventilation force. In addition, the price of window ventilators is relatively cheap, and domestic ones generally do not exceed 100 yuan

III. pay attention to the following two points when selecting ventilator

1. The ventilator has a novel appearance, the color is coordinated with the room color, the plane is free of warpage, the plastic parts are flat and smooth, the electroplated parts are bright, there is no trace of rust, and the fan blades can rotate

2. After power on, the wind blade rotates smoothly, without abnormal noise, and the air volume is large. The self blowing hundred page window is flexible. The linked shutter rotates sensitively on all sides. The two-way ventilator can be switched freely. The temperature rise of the motor is not too high and the noise is low. The ventilator with speed regulation function has obvious speed regulation, and the capacitance motor is not more than 65%, and the cover plate is not more than 80%

IV. choosing a high-quality household ventilator can be judged from the following seven aspects

1. Look at brands: a well-known brand has better product quality than ordinary brands

2. Drying material: generally, the material used for ventilator is ABS miscellaneous material or recycled material. After less than three months of normal use, the material has light transmission, yellowing, low density and poor gloss

3. Knock on the shell: to identify the real material of the ventilator, you can gently knock on the shell. Generally, the ventilator shell made of good materials makes a very clear sound after knocking; If it is a ventilator shell made of miscellaneous materials or recycled materials, it will make a dull and muddy sound after knocking

4. Weighing: in order to save costs, many ventilator manufacturers cut corners and try every means to reduce material costs, resulting in the overall quality of ventilator products declining again and again. At this time, we can use the most direct method to weigh. Generally, the weight of ventilator with excellent quality is heavier than that of ventilator with poor quality

5. Disassembling products: ventilator products with good quality generally pay attention to details. When we buy ventilator products, we may as well simply disassemble the products, observe whether the products have burrs, ridges, flatness, smoothness, etc., and also see the use of internal materials:

6. Check marks: regular brand products generally have brand marks on the surface and inside of the products, We might as well pay attention to it when buying ventilator

7. Listen to noise: the main indicators to measure the performance of ventilator products are air volume and noise. When we buy a ventilator, we can have a power on experience and compare the air volume and noise of the product on site. It should be noted that air volume and noise are like fish and bear's paw. When we compare the noise, we must feel the air volume of the product with our hands before judging, Generally, the ventilator with good quality can achieve the same air volume, and the noise is lower than that of the ventilator with general quality. If we need products with good air volume and noise, general plastic products are difficult to meet the requirements due to the influence of structure. We can choose and buy ventilators made of metal materials, and use the scientific vertical air duct design of front air inlet and suction on both sides to realize the perfect combination of air volume and noise

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