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Milacron will exhibit pet and co injection molding technology at NPE

on March 23, 2015 in the United States, we expect this printing material to be integrated into the market. At the NPE exhibition opened in Florida, Milacron will focus on displaying innovative products, technologies and its brands, such as master, DME, uniloy and new MECO, at its 25000 square foot w2703 booth. There are 15 production units on site, bringing together many highlights, For example, the demonstration of hydrophilic and oleophobic properties of pet and PP preformed montmorillonite with high speed and flexibility, and the first transparent plastic tank packaging scheme for food and beverage storage in North America

"the product lineup launched by miracron in 2015 reflects our continuous exploration of the possibilities of plastic products in life." Tom goeke, CEO of Milacron group, said, "we are very excited to show our customers that we have integrated the best technology, products and brands into these industry-leading solutions"

these advanced solutions include:

m-pet300 demonstrates high-performance PET production technology

the latest pet system launched by miracron has simple structure, flexible scheme and complete integration of injection molding machine and control unit. Four kinds of mold locking forces, five different injection units and a variety of molding settings. M-pet series models have the automatic production capacity of all equipment under the standard pet system. The exhibition machine has a mold locking force of 300 tons, an injection unit of 3037g, a 120mm screw, a cycle period of less than 8 seconds, a 72 hole mold, an injection weight of 735g, a built-in post mold cooling system, a new V4 hot runner and a mosaic controller. With NPE, Milacron announced the return of the king in the pet field

ferromatik280 show Packaging Co injection barrier molding technology

after the acquisition of kortec in 2014, milacrom showed the ability of its co injection molding technology in improving product packaging. This co injection molding production system not only absorbs the excellent air tightness characteristics of metal can packaging technology to extend the shelf life of food, but also can put carbonates and beverage products that need to be isolated from the air to prevent oxidation into a plastic container. This market area is dominated by metal cans and glass packaging solutions, while the ferromatik injection molding machine configured by Milacron opens a door for plastic molding customers who want to enter the field of vacuum food packaging. It can be configured into all electric, hydraulic and hydro electric composite types according to different needs. It has 8 mold locking forces ranging from 120 tons to 650 tons, and has multi-component, sandwich and cube mold production technology. The exhibition machine is equipped with a high-precision co injection mold, a built-in hot runner controller and two independently controlled injection units. Using the co injection barrier molding technology, two routes of EVOH polymer are transported simultaneously in a cycle of less than 7 seconds. The unique three-layer fluid method is used to produce a 4-hole plastic tank, which is taken out by a set of manipulator. The core of the molding component is completely wrapped by a layer of surface polymer. Through this production scheme, End users can make their products have good air tightness, more beautiful appearance and long shelf life

ferromatik 580 shows the co injection molding technology to produce 5-gallon barrels

this model is equipped with two independent injection units. The co injection barrier molding technology is used to produce 5-gallon barrels in 13.9 seconds. The material is HDPE. The core of the barrel is made of 50% recycled material, and the built-in temp masteri M2 temperature controller of the master mold is built

ferromatik 360 shows the high-speed molding of bottle caps

the configuration of this production system ferro welcomes you to consult the matik high-speed injection unit. The injection pressure is up to 2520bar and the injection speed is 900mm/s. The 72 hole beverage bottle cap is produced in a 3.8-second cycle, which is very suitable for large-scale packaging applications such as bottle cap production. The built-in master sprint hot runner system is specially designed for high-speed production and has the fastest color change speed in the industry, The exhibition machine is also embedded with a detection system to improve the yield

k-tec200 shows the two-component PET technology with built-in MuCell foaming.

k-tec models have always been characterized by high precision, high repetition precision, short cycle, high injection speed and pressure, and easy maintenance. This time, NPE and k-tec200 are configured with two injection units, using a set of 4 × The 4-hole cube mold completes the pre molding production within a 25 second cycle time. Milacron has configured the MuCell system on the horizontal injection unit to conduct the physical foaming process in the inner layer of the product

maximap500 high speed molding of bottle cap

maxima performance series is a new model developed on the highly successful maxima platform. This version has high injection speed, wide template spacing and lubrication free mold locking. The exhibition machine has expanded the multi-component and mold stacking functions, added servo energy storage components, equipped with master hot runner, built-in master tempmaster2 thermostat and mosaic controller, and used a set of 24 hole mold to produce container caps in 9.5 seconds. It is very suitable for packaging, FMCG and medical industries

maxima725 show the application of automobile lightweight

maxima is one of the most energy-saving machines in Milacron. Its servo hydraulic design is 70% more energy-efficient than similar hydraulic machines. The exhibition machine is equipped with master fusiong2 hot runner integral hoisting system to produce valve covers within 40 seconds. Its highlight is that it adopts gas counter pressure lightweight design while ensuring smooth and high-quality product surface

magnat 225 shows the lightweight production process of the instrument panel rack

magna t servo series are mirakron's high cost performance products. In cooperation with crestmold, the exhibition machine uses the MuCell process to produce the automotive instrument panel rack, which greatly reduces the weight. The material used is enhanced pcabs. While lightweight, the product surface is very smooth, and the whole cycle time is 44 seconds

all motor shows LSR secondary molding technology

with the help of lsre multi second injection unit of its brand master, Milacron has entered the two-component market with all motor products. The injection unit of the exhibition machine is a 54, 28mm screw. A set of 44 molds are used to produce the automobile diaphragm within 50 seconds, and a 5-axis manipulator is used to take it out

g-pak45 shows the latest high-speed single screw extruder

the exhibitor is a single screw extruder with modular design, screw length diameter ratio of 42:1, screw diameter of 45mm, mosaic controller. This set of high-speed single screw extrusion scheme is designed and manufactured in the United States, with low power consumption

tp-75 show twin-screw extrusion scheme

the exhibitor is designed with twin-screw, 75mm screw diameter, length diameter ratio of 26:1, water-cooling mode, and produces PVC pipes

uniloy IB injection and blowing system exhibition

on NPE, milacrom will display its blow molding brand uniloy IB injection and blowing system. Its injection mold locking unit is 180t, and blow molding mold locking unit is 19T. Its performance indicators can fully reach the master axiom hot runner system with Iflow technology in terms of domestic production level. It uses a set of 20 hole mold to produce plastic medicine bottles in 12 seconds. The whole system integrates injection molding, injection molding, and The extrusion and blow molding functions make full use of the integrated hot runner and detection system. It is a very suitable high-capacity turnkey solution for the packaging industry

3d printer shows three different gear forming technologies.

Milacron combines 3D rapid printing technology with high-performance injection molding machine to produce three different gear parts in 15 seconds using ABS like materials. This production scheme allows the product to be printed and formed immediately after the design is completed, which shortens a lot of development time, and the formed components can present their physical parameters and properties in real time

in addition, Milacron also showed a series of the latest products of master mold, DME and CIMCOOL, such as master's new generation Summit Series hot runner, 2-hole melt cube technology and smartmold technology, fusiong2 and m-pet preform molds for the automotive industry, and DME launched a new generation of large mold base and aluminum quick change mold components

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