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Mikron high-speed milling technology and Hallmark greeting card

greeting card industry is a truly global industry of Jinan assay hardness testing instrument series. Hallmark greeting card company is the world's largest and most famous greeting card manufacturer. It has a 50% market share in the United States and is also a well-known greeting card publisher in the United Kingdom

Hallmark greeting card company was founded in 1910. It has business in more than 100 countries around the world and publishes and issues greeting cards in more than 30 languages. Such a high market coverage makes it possible for you to choose the 1.3 embossing type no matter in Antigua, Zimbabwe or any other country: the indenter using a durometer is a hallmark product

the country with the largest and most successful business volume of the company is Britain. Hallmark UK has more than 3100 employees, and its sales in 2001 accounted for 70% of Hallmark's international turnover. The company has always maintained more than 8000 greeting cards on sale in the UK market, with an annual sales volume of 1.07 billion pounds

in order to maintain Hallmark's leading position in the market, the company must have excellent design and artistic creativity, an efficient and dedicated network of sole proprietorship, licensees, distributors and agents, advanced production facilities and the purchase of the most advanced manufacturing technology

hallmark UK's Bradford plant is its core

recently, the company purchased two Mikron HSM 800 vertical high-speed machining centers. Mikron machine tool is installed in the company's CNC processing workshop for the installation of displacement sensors and other sensors. It produces copper and aluminum foil (including concave, cloth and non grain products), as well as embossing die widely used in greeting card production

the greeting card industry is highly competitive. Its success often depends on whether it can quickly launch new, reasonably priced and unique products in the market, and its core is that all production operations must be efficient and high-yield

greeting card is actually a product of FMCG. Therefore, in order to shorten product cycle and control cost, advanced technology must be adopted to reduce labor-intensive production links. Mold production is no exception, especially hallmark produces 25000 molds every year

in order to meet such high requirements, Mikron machine tool should keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when it is installed on the vehicle at will. Since the machine tool was put into operation, it has had a positive impact on the company's production capacity (shortening the production cycle, reducing the production cost, etc.). Hallmark estimates that Mikron HSM 800 machine tool has produced more than 60% of the molds, and the productivity has increased by nearly 40%

davesowden, technical director of hallmark, said: "our business and production characteristics are very strict with products. Not only the accuracy (+/-2 microns) And surface finish, and must be fast and efficient. HSM 800 machine tool is very good. Both machines are equipped with 8.5kw 60000 RPM spindle, which ensures that we can complete complex high-precision 2-D and 3-D surface machining at high speed. In addition, the machine tool can feed rapidly at the speed of 40m/min and reach the acceleration/deceleration of 17m/s2, which fully meets our high-speed requirements

choosing a 60000 RPM high-speed spindle machine tool not only enables hallmark to use tools with very small diameter for high-speed machining, but also has important significance for Mikron: HSM 800 is the first 60000 RPM high-speed spindle machine installed by Mikron in the UK

hsm 800 machine tool has strong adaptability. The HSM 800 has a large working area (x=800mm, y=600mm, z=500mm) and can easily clamp large workpieces. In the production of engraving die, Mikron machine tool can complete the processing of more than 200 words on the workpiece at one time! This is really efficient

both Mikron machine tools are equipped with an automatic tool change device with 20 tool positions and a workpiece pallet change device with 4 stations, which can be used for unattended processing all day. This is another crucial decisive factor for hallmark to shorten the production cycle and reduce costs

from the beginning of using HSM 800, the working reliability and performance of the machine tool have always been stable. Vanessa redshaw, digital technology manager of Hallmark company, especially emphasized that "we are very satisfied with the investment in Mikron technology. Our production schedule and delivery date are very tight, and we must use new technology to ensure that there is no error. These two devices have been realized from the first day. We can say happily that Mikron machine tools have never stopped our production."

the recognition of customers not only reflects the high performance and high reliability brought by Mikron's advanced manufacturing technology, but also highlights the energy and resources invested by Mikron in establishing and maintaining fruitful cooperative relations with customers. Whether it is support for technology and application, or comprehensive operation training and after-sales service, all-round service ensures that customers can get its full potential by investing in Mikron machine tools. (end)

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