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The military civilian integration instrument sharing platform will become a scientific instrument "Taobao"

Abstract: with the deep military civilian integration, the opening of large-scale scientific instruments to the society is undoubtedly an important wind vane. As the only science and Technology City in China, Mianyang has 18 national scientific research institutes, including the Chinese Academy of physics and the China Aerodynamics Research and development center. There are many advanced large-scale scientific instruments in the military research institutes

the deep military civilian integration and the opening of large-scale scientific instruments to the society are undoubtedly an important wind vane. As the only science and Technology City in China, Mianyang has 18 national scientific research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of physics and the China Aerodynamics Research and development center, which can accelerate technological innovation. There are many advanced large-scale scientific instruments in military research institutes. Not long ago, the decoration of the office area and exhibition hall of the Sichuan military civilian integration large-scale scientific instrument sharing platform (hereinafter referred to as "sharing platform") in phase II of the innovation center of Mianyang Science and technology city entered the final stage. Chenjungang, the person in charge of the sharing platform operator, urged the progress of the project. "More and more technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises come to the door. With office areas and exhibition halls, it will be easier to connect."

previously, subject to the constraints of systems and mechanisms, large-scale scientific instruments in national defense and military research institutes had problems of repeated construction and low utilization rate. In order to solve these problems, on January 12 this year, the sharing platform was unveiled to explore the sharing mode of military civilian integration instruments

Sichuan Mianyang Science and Technology City Innovation Center Phase II

"after the unveiling of the platform, I will help to solve its water absorption, nail nailing and other properties; we will widely connect with national defense research institutes to sort out and tap large-scale scientific instrument resources." Pu Liangju, director of Mianyang Productivity Promotion Center, introduced that the sharing platform makes full use of the Internet to "integrate" military and civilian resources such as the Academy of general engineering, military and civilian integration enterprises, testing experts and instrument service institutions. At present, the platform has gathered 15 categories, more than 1300 sets of large-scale instruments and equipment with military civilian integration characteristics, and more than 180 instrument service experts, which can provide detection services of nearly 10000 indicators for the society

during the construction of the sharing platform, the sharing service has been launched. In the exhibition hall of the sharing platform, pointing to the wind tunnel test equipment project displayed on the wall, Chen Jungang said that these equipment were shared by the General Assembly 29 base. Relevant units came to Mianyang to "blow the wind" during the research and development of C919 large aircraft and CRRC high-speed trains

the sharing platform not only serves national major scientific and technological research and development, but also focuses on providing services for "weak" scientific and technological SMEs

Mianyang saien New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the development of new energy and energy-saving technologies and product promotion. Some time ago, liukunming, general manager of the company, was puzzled by the EMC test of direct drive motor and control system

at a promotion meeting, liukunming contacted the sharing platform. The platform found the test equipment in the EMC laboratory of China Academy of Engineering Physics by searching the built service resource library. "This has greatly accelerated our product development and saved a lot of money for the enterprise." Liukunming said excitedly that if such an electronic compatibility laboratory is to be built, at least several million yuan should be invested, occupying the limited product R & D and operating funds of the enterprise and increasing the difficulty of enterprise innovation

in fact, the positioning of the sharing platform is not only to share, but to build a "one-stop" platform around instrument services, providing a package of services such as instrument data, instrument finance, inspection and testing, and R & D outsourcing. "According to the plan, the sharing platform will become a 'Taobao' for large-scale scientific instruments in the future," chenjungang said

Sichuan hopes to further expand the coverage of the sharing platform. Among the 10 comprehensive innovation and reform test experiences that were recently published and replicated in the whole province, it is necessary to apply a specific tension load on the environmentally friendly and harmless samples of wire rod test fixed in the rotary collet and translation collet and with the specified working length (gauge length), "the cross military, cross industry and cross regional open sharing mode of large-scale national defense scientific research resources of local and scientific research institutions" is put in the first place. Next, Sichuan is also committed to building the sharing platform into a national military civilian integration instrument resource sharing platform. By 2020, the sharing platform will integrate more than 10000 instrument resources, serve 10000 science and technology enterprises annually, and basically establish a full chain instrument service capability and professional service team

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