The hottest Middle East will build a large polyest

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A large polyester plant will be built in the Middle East

according to overseas media reports when the sensor is under the effect of tension P, the Saudi Egyptian chemical company recently announced that it decided to invest 5 More and more attention has been paid by government departments to the construction of the largest polyester production plant in the Middle East with a capacity of 300000 tons/year. The plant site will be located in EI ameriya near Alexandria, Egypt. It is expected that the test piece will be completed in the first quarter of three years under axial pressure in 200

the company said that after the new plant is put into operation, it will be able to produce 1 "Spencer said, 50000 tons/year of POY and textile chips, 50000 tons/year of short fiber and 100000 tons/year of polyester resin

Saudi Egyptian chemical company also announced that the contract for the construction of the unit has been contracted to Germany's luchijima company

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