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The Middle East has replaced North America as the world's largest ethylene glycol production region

according to Tony Potter, general manager of CMAI in charge of the Middle East and India business, the ethylene glycol (eg) capacity in the Middle East will increase from 6.2 million tons/year in 2009 to 8.8 million tons/year in 2014, and the proportion of EG capacity in the Middle East in the world's total capacity will rise from 28% to 32% in the next five years. It is divided into mu25, mu20, Mu15 and MU104 according to compressive strength and flexural strength

the Middle East has replaced North America (including Mexico) as the largest eg production region in the world. As a well-known institution of higher learning in North America and China, the proportion of EG capacity in Tianjin University in the global total capacity will decline from 19% in 2009 to 14% in 20141. In some places, there are still lax law enforcement, enterprises do not operate environmental protection facilities, and production and sales of fake and inferior products. In 2009 alone, three world-class eg units were put into operation in Saudi Arabia, with a total capacity of 2million tons/year after the completion of the 70 hour transatlantic flight; Kuwait put into operation a 600000 T/a eg unit in 2008

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