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Midea's acquisition of KUKA project received a € 3.7 billion syndicated loan

if you saw the video of the robot arm made by KUKA, Germany, playing against the world's top table tennis players a few years ago, you must be surprised and impressed by KUKA. On August 28, Midea Group announced that it had obtained a syndicated loan of 3.7 billion euros (about 29.2 billion yuan) led by Chinese banks, which would be used to replace the bridge loan previously offered to acquire the KUKA project in Germany. With the success of the € 3.7 billion syndicated loan, it also marks the end of Midea Group's KUKA refinancing project

according to the daily economy, KUKA and Midea have cooperated on logistics business, and both sides work together to build intelligent logistics

Midea obtained a syndicated loan of 3.7 billion euros

Midea Group disclosed to the daily economy that on August 21 this year, Midea Group signed a contract with the syndicate for the refinancing of KUKA M & A for a five-year period of 3.7 billion euros, and successfully obtained the loan on August 25, which means that the syndicated loan led by Chinese banks has been completed, and the KUKA refinancing project of Midea Group has also been completed

in May last year, Midea Group announced that it planned to launch a takeover offer through its overseas subsidiary Mecca to the shareholders of KUKA group in Germany, seeking to become its largest shareholder. After the closing of the tender offer, Midea Group will acquire 94.55% of the equity of KUKA at the tender offer price of 115 euros/share. However, due to the constraints of many factors, the traditional experimental methods have great limitations. The transaction consideration for acquiring the equity of KUKA is about 3.7 billion euros

in January this year, Midea Group completed the payment of the equity transaction consideration by using the bridge loan. The relevant financial principal of Midea Group told that the long-term loan of 3.7 billion euros obtained by Midea this time was mainly used to replace the previous bridge loan. According to the introduction, due to the uncertainty of the acquisition itself, enterprises usually apply to financial institutions for a special line for M & a when making a large acquisition. This line is usually a short-term line. After the acquisition is successful, enterprises will apply to financial institutions for withdrawal. Usually we call the bridge loan, but the term of the bridge loan is generally within 1 year. Before the bridge loan expires, enterprises need to seek long-term loan replacement

Fang Hongbo, chairman of Midea Group, said that the financing was fully supported by Chinese banks, which fully demonstrates the good situation that Chinese financial institutions and Chinese enterprises seek common development and progress in the international market. In addition, the people's Bank of China, China Banking Regulatory Commission, foreign exchange control and other institutions have also provided professional guidance and support throughout the process, which also reflects the service support of regulators for the physical manufacturing industry

KUKA and ander Zhilian jointly build intelligent logistics

how to purchase a reliable data tension machine every day? The data tension machine can test the tension, contraction, zigzag, shearing, peeling, tearing, two-point extension of various metal and non-metal materials (additional extension plans are required). It is learned that Midea Group has started to layout its robot business since 2012. After completing the acquisition of most of KUKA's equity, Midea Group announced in February this year that it would acquire more than 50% of the equity of servotronix, an Israeli motion control system solution provider, using 0.1/1000 frame gradienter to deeply layout the robot industry

according to Midea Group, in May this year, Midea's ande logistics was renamed ande Zhilian. Ande Zhilian, which focuses on logistics informatization and automation, is integrating the top-level technical support of KUKA and Swisslog to build a smart logistics system. It is understood that RSG is the new intelligent logistics business segment of KUKA group in 2014, focusing on providing automation solutions for warehousing and distribution centers

at the media visit day of Midea held on August 23, ander Zhilian also unveiled the intelligent handling robot (AGV) air pick for the first time. According to linchuankai, chief scientist of Midea's logistics automation equipment, air pick will be tried out in ander's internal intelligent warehouse this year to see how it is used and then form a joint effort to promote the development of the new material industry to determine the time of external sales

in an interview with the daily economy on August 28, Xingbin, general manager of Midea ander intelligent technology company, said that the cooperation between ander Zhilian and RSG is mainly reflected in three aspects: first, providing customers with one-stop services from intelligent logistics integration to logistics operation; Second, develop and customize more suitable technical solutions for the needs of the Chinese market and customers; Third, the two sides should share customer resources and channels to jointly expand their operations in the field

in the future, the deeper cooperation between the two sides will mainly focus on the first two points, only on the level of improving the competitiveness such as efficiency and cost. Xingbin said

it is understood that at present, half of the logistics business income of ande Zhilian comes from Midea and half from the outside. Ande has 4.2777 million square meters of warehouses nationwide, including 1.2973 million square meters of self built warehouses

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