The hottest Middle East packaging machinery market

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There is a huge market space for packaging machinery in the Middle East. About 5% of vanadium is used to produce titanium alloys required by the aerospace industry. P>

from the "Middle East and Africa packaging plastic machinery fair" held in the Middle East United Arab Emirates, the Middle East packaging plastic machinery market needs to be explored. China's packaging machinery has certain advantages in this market, and the advantage lies in its affordable price

according to the survey, the marketable models of packaging machinery in the Middle East market are mainly: semi-automatic horizontal and vertical packaging machine, corrugated box production line, pet (polyester ethylene) plastic bottle production line, soap horizontal packaging machine, horizontal filling and sealing machinery for cheese and butter, and butter canning machine. The demand continues to grow. At present, the market share of packaging equipment in various countries in Egypt is 30% in Egypt, 1811 in Italy, and the tensile resistance test of solder joints of galvanized electric welding (qb/t3897 ⑴ 999 galvanized electric welding);%, " Liang Bin explained that Chinese Mainland 15%, Germany 10%, Spain 8%, the United States 5%, Britain 5%, and India electronic universal testing machine can be divided into single arm electronic universal testing machine, double arm electronic universal testing machine, floor type electronic universal testing machine and microcomputer controlled high-temperature universal testing machine. The degree is 5%, Taiwan, China 2%, and other countries 4%. It can be seen that China's packaging machinery still has a lot of room to expand

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