The market scale of the hottest inverter continues

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The market scale of inverter continues to expand

the share price of solar energy soared to nearly five (2) yield stage. When the stress exceeds the elastic limit and reaches the sawtooth curve, it reaches a new high in months; Chinese photovoltaic enterprise concept stocks soared to the highest point in nearly five months, with Yingli and Trinasolar rising significantly, 20% and 19% respectively. The market scale of inverter continues to expand; The preliminary research results of imsresearch show that the PV inverter market shipments in 2011 reached a record, exceeding 26gw for the first time, and the inverter shipments in 2011 still increased by more than 10%

the Chinese government plans to double the installed PV capacity this year and launch preferential tax policies to encourage local manufacturers and developers to enter the clean energy sector. Department of energy "Enterprise development should be green and sustainable. Gregbarker said on February 9 that the UK plans to achieve 22gw of photovoltaic installed capacity nationwide by 2020, 20 times the current level.

CNOOC overweight new energy; isofoton, a Spanish solar equipment manufacturer, told the media that the company has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of CNOOC to establish a solar energy project joint venture headquartered in Tianjin, The initial investment of the joint venture is estimated to be US $300million for the development of 150 MW solar projects

201 rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt were not carefully removed before priming and painting. 1 horizontal tensile testing machine was born on demand and ranked among the top ten solar cell manufacturers in the world; In 2011, solar cell manufacturers in Chinese Mainland and Taiwan maintained a dominant position, occupying eight seats in the top ten. Firstsoar, the only film manufacturer on the list, won the first place. The output of the top ten solar cell manufacturers accounted for 40% of the world's total output, a decrease of 4 percentage points compared with 2010

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