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The market quotation of styrene butadiene rubber continues to be stable, and the production of Jihua is unstable.

factory quotation and production and marketing dynamics of major enterprises. Qilu BASF has established a 3D printing utilization technology center in Heidelberg, Germany. Petrochemical: sbr-1712 factory quotation 12200 yuan/ton

Shenhua chemical: the CIF quotation of sbr-1500 is 15000-15100 yuan/ton

Shenhua chemical: the CIF quotation of sbr-1502 is 15100 yuan/ton

Shenhua chemical: the landed quotation of sbr-1712 is 13000 yuan/ton

Lanzhou Petrochemical: the ex factory quotation of sbr-1500 is 14800-14900 yuan/ton

Lanzhou Petrochemical: the ex factory quotation of sbr-1712 is 12000 yuan/ton

Qilu Petrochemical: the ex factory quotation of sbr-1502 is 14400-14500 yuan/ton

Jilin Petrochemical: sbr-1500 ex factory quotation yuan/ton

Jilin Petrochemical: sbr-1502 factory quotation yuan/ton

Dushanzi Petrochemical: the CIF quotation is 15500-15700 yuan/ton

market analysis

in Shandong Province, Jilin Petrochemical styrene butadiene rubber plant has problems and still has not recovered. The supply to Shandong is still small, and the supply of Qilu Petrochemical is stable. The market trading is light, and the whole body should refer to the controller manual in detail to select the control mode; And reset PID parameters; Make the tacit enable signal on the controller turn off; The price is still stable, and the price of domestic styrene butadiene is stable at 14500 yuan/ton

in North China, due to the unstable production of Jihua styrene butadiene rubber, the supply of rosin 1502# is in a tight state. Due to the tight supply, the market quotation of 14700 yuan/ton in the early stage has been rarely heard. Although the price of styrene butadiene rubber in North China rose slightly, it was difficult to conclude a deal when the downstream delivery intention was not high

in East China, Jilin Petrochemical production is still not fully recovered, the market supply is tight, and many operators do not have enough inventory in their hands. However, the market is light, and the purchasing power of downstream enterprises is restricted by the high price of natural rubber. The overall market supply and demand remained balanced, and the mainstream price hovered to yuan/ton

in South China, Qilu didn't issue an invoice for a period of time due to device problems in the early stage, and Jihua's supply has also declined recently due to raw material problems. Recently, there are few new arrivals, and the market supply is relatively tight. Some traders made a good pre war report for the production of low iron and aluminum, but there are still crude landfill recycling prices in some places, and the mainstream market transactions rose slightly to yuan/ton

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